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Parisian prison la Santé.


Parisian prison la Santé.


Civilized Europe also can " brag" of the cruel prison - La Sante, only, is situated in Paris, by the way, in the capital.

As a result prisoners are in such state, that ready to swallow rat poison, fight a head at a wall, there are forks only to stop the stay there, doing away with life. If in 1999 in all California did away with itself 24 men from 160 thousand prisoners, then 124 men appeared in French clink of suicides. About horrors of La Sante in a flow 7 told in the diaries of Veronika Vassere being there as a main doctor.

In clink chambers are overcrowded, souls it is settled to accept more not often two one time per a week, foods of subzero quality. All of it generates the invasion of lice and skin diseases. There are here so many rats, that prisoners force to suspend the things to ceiling.

One of the eldest French prisons of La Sante was open in 1867. Her architect was Emile Vaudremer. At the beginning of the Second Empire, in France 45 prisons were counted by a general capaciousness in 15 thousand chambers, and 15 other in the process of building. The minister for economy of Napoleon III Persine for an economy recommended departments no longer to build prisons of chamber type. Санте was built actually despite this order. New prison got the form of trapezoid and had 1400 chambers.

At that time France and USA occupied front-rank positions on prison business, moving up farther than all in the decision of problem of total control pastime of prisoner. This type of prison isolation was then named "Pennsylvanian", because came from principle of the centralized watching criminals, here the location of chambers had a radial form. 

For history of prison her walls were visited by quite a bit possessors of the famous names, including Paul Verlene and Giem Apolinnere. In addition, there, in obedience to the libretto of musical "Cathedral of parisian Mother" of God, there was Esmeralda(that, indeed, in any way does not comport with the original source of Gugeau). Exactly there life imprisonment departs the known international terrorist Carlos. The son of president-socialist Jan met Christmas in one of lone persons - Kristof Mitterrand.

In "VIP-zona" of prison some time " the Russian businessman had" a rest Gave life, that is accused of organization of encroaching upon the Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleev. Four months the former employee of British counter-intelligence David Cheyler conducted there.

In 2001 as a book a diary, that during seven years of stay Veronika Vassere, causing giant scandal, conducted on the post of главврача of one of parisian prisons, was published. Vasere was so not able to get used to that the basic task of prison office workers is non-admission of theft from the side of prisoners of poison for rats, forks and means for de-rusting. But exactly through similar " instruments" only for 1999 in clink 124 prisoners were finished life by suicide.

Public resonance that was caused by the publication of diary compelled to confess the minister of justice of France Elizabet Gues, that "position in most prisons unworthily such country, as our". Horror and indignation of Vasser caused the overcrowded(sometimes containing аж on four prisoners) chambers, possibility to take a shower more not often two one time per a week, humiliating attitude toward prisoners and their visitors from the side of prison office workers.

It is wild to hear that in parisian clink of rat are so widespread phenomenon, that prisoners even have to hold belonging in the paper bags suspended to ceiling, to protect them from omnivorous rodents.

Veronika Vasere was to practise as early as one not quite usual employment - skin pathology appearing once at a few ten of prisoners nonplused her by the etiology. Too seemed unbelievable to her circumstance that she sees a disease that did not meet to most doctors of France after completion of the second world war and that is caused by the use in food of rotten foods personally.

After the publication of diary of Vaser in prison first it admits the group of journalists. The aim of this двухчасовой excursion was to convince the visitors of that Vasere some exaggerated and fully ignored positive changes that happened in this clink in latter days. For example, causing of new paint on the walls of chambers, that were saturated with blood of prisoners depriving itself to life as a result of the hours-long beating a head at a wall.

Actually Vasere only described that saw own eyes. For example, history of prisoner that for her on eyes offered resistance to the guards, and in two weeks entered to her infirmary in the extremely water-free state. Вероника supposes that осатаневшие guards simply recovered access of water to him in a chamber. And proofs of raping of 21-years-old fellow that was chambered to two incorrigible recidivists with the sharp form of AIDS, it is not too for her. Indeed, this fellow has AIDS now.

Alan Jegeau, manager by this prison, extremely indignant at the published diary. Acknowledges though, that there really are cases of violence and mockeries in jurisdiction to him establishment.



 Central included in prison la Santé.


Quite another impressions remained from prison at Mihail Jivilo. From his interview to the newspaper " Lists" 17.05.01 on an exit from prison:

- to Describe my stay in French clink unsimply. I saw that there are people in Russian prisons. Here they live valuably. All necessary terms are created, beginning from the French kitchen taking into account religious limitations, television in a chamber with 10 channels("Eurosport" is), possibilities to write any press and ending possibility to visit different courses - a language, computer and т. of п. And, certainly, of visit native.

One Russian, that here got first, but was in other French prisons, marked with grief, that his one-room apartment, where he lives with a wife and two children, had less comforts, than present chamber.

I do not embellish local prison life, but terms really human. And however prison is prison, and it is felt on the mood of many local old-timers. Two words about relations between " holiday-makers" in this "Palace of health". In our presentation prison is this violence. Here - there is not the least hint. Relations fully friendly, even if you do not know French. It was permitted me on short appointments with family members and, certainly, unlimited access to my advocates.

On June, 7, 2001 demonstration of prison supervisors of Санте passed in Paris. Policemen applied tear gas and clubs for the acceleration of a few ten of office workers requiring to improve the terms of labour. They tipped over garbage tanks and burned motor-car overlays, and entered into a fight with an attacking police. 


on December, 26, 2000 from la Santé a serial killer made an effort run. 38-years-old Gui Gorge, that expected a court on a charge of seven raping and murders, accomplished in Paris between 1991 and 1997 for years, made an effort run from prison together with two other prisoners. Prisoners that was contained in lone chambers-persons перепилили grates on the windows of the chambers and tried to get out from building, but first, who appeared in the court of prison, was grasped by a guard. Remaining two, one of that was Gui Жорж, did not have time even to get out.

Prisoners were again placed in chambers under an increase guard.

on Augusts, 22, 2002 from prison it was succeeded to hurry to the basque terrorist from organization ETA Ismail Berasetegy Escudero. Thus he did not a single flounce, simply got up, said goodbye to the guard in the corridor of hall of appointments and left to continue the business, and instead of him in a chamber returned while away time in the company of prominent prisoners his cadet as like as two peas look like Ismail.

Supervisors knew about the fact of substitution only in five days and hammered in an alarm. And that, about a forgery a cadet told honestly. Why administration of prison did not notice a substitution in the moment of meeting of two brothers, remains only to guess. By the way, from 1983 of apartment for appointments in clink la Santé are rooms measuring 4 on 2 meters, without a dividing partition between a prisoner and visitor, and meeting pass without guards.

Control is conducted in a corridor, prisoners are marked before an appointment sympathetic inks, that, however, it can either bring with itself or wipe.

Ismail Berasetegy Escudero  was detained in May, 2002 in France in accordance with an international warrant. He is considered one of leaders of diversionary group "The Horse head", that is accountable for numerous explosions in Spain. From data of Department of corrections of France, from 1998 in the series of escapes with a substitution the present was fourth, but it was nevertheless first similar family escape from la Santé and first escape of basque terrorist. 


Prison la Santé, surrounded by municipal building. 

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