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"Vladimirsky Central".
28 Of february 2012

"Vladimirsky Central". Regime corps. 


"Vladimirsky Central" - one of the eldest and most known prison establishments of Russia. Arose up on Decree of Catherine the second at the end of the eighteenth century as a bettering house. Later, at цере Alexander second in 1906, was regenerate in "Temporal hard labour prison - Vladimirsky Central" and began to be used as a place of incarceration of extrahazardous and prisoners of state.

The first known prisoner was M.F. Frunze - future soviet военноначальник. At Soviet power becomes the special prison of state security. In 20th here were revolutionaries from a number anarchists, social democrats and эсеров, many influential clergymen.

In 40-50th the special place in history of prison is occupied by the "containing a number prisoners" contained in the mode of the special secrecy(single chambers). In their number, members of government of the Baltic states, Fnna Flilueva(sister of wife of Stalin Nadejda), Evgenia Flilueva(wife of their brother), son of Stalin is Vasiliy, visible German and Japanese military- chiefs? among them German field marshal Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist, that died during departure of term of punishment in 25 on the sentence of military commission of republic of Yugoslavia.

International legend of "Vladimirsky Central" is the American pilot spy Harry Pauers. His airplane was hammered together by a soviet rocket anti air defensive under Sverdlovsk of May, 1, 1960. He stayed in clink to February, 1962, while he was not exchanged for a soviet secret service agent Abel.

In "Vladimirsky Central" there were participants of правозащитного motion, convict for a dissidence, : Kronid Lubarski, Anatoliy Marchenko, Viktor Nekipelov, Uriy Daniel, Natan Charanski(future is a vice-prime of government of Israel), Vladimir Bukovski(in 1976 he was exchanged for the Secretary general of communist party of Chile Luis Korvalan).

The prisoners of "Vladimirsky Central" were such known personalities, convict on the article " terrorism", as singer Lidia Ruslanova, actress Zoya Andreeva. Here a writer Daniil Andreev wrote the famous "Rose of the world".

Presently "Vladimirsky Central" passed to the conduct of Ministry of Justice of Russia is the mestome of incarceration of especially dangerous criminals and malicious violators of the mode in penal colonies.

In 1997 at him a museum is created "History of Vladimirskiy prison". In two rooms different materials are accommodated from a local archive(photos, documents), personal things and hand-made articles of prisoners. As exhibits the results of their labour are also presented: boxing-gloves, soccer balls, telephone sets. In a corridor conducing to Museum, are standards of the prison painting : pictures, pictures, placards.


"Vladimirsky Central". Prisoners and administration of prison. 

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Solikamsk prison "The White swan".
24 Of february 2012

Building of single apartment of chamber type and boxing for the walk of convict. 


A colony is the "White swan", being in the Perm edge (Solikamsk), dethroned a myth about beautiful and free thievish life in the places of imprisonment. Here broke ten, hundreds of thief-in-laws. Today in these walls there is one of the Russian "lifelong" zones, and also colony of the strict and special mode. 

In January, 2008 famous colony the "White swan", and also other colonies that in 1938 was included in composition in the managements of Usolsk of camps, 70 marked a summer anniversary. Swan song of thief Colony the "White swan" exists from 1938 and is not far from the city of Solikamsk. At first here were only prisoners of state, mainly clergymen. In 1955 "political" translated in the colony located in Мordovia, and the "White swan" became a criminal zone.

The famous "single apartment of chamber type" was here created in 1980, where ordered to сorrection of "thief-in-laws" from all Soviet Union. The about 4,5 thousand convict got through the "single apartment of chamber type". 130 "legalists" laid" down crowns in his walls. Exactly in the "White swan" a legendary " legalist"  made off the days Vasia Diamond. Strictly speaking, an all-russian fame the "White swan" purchased because in his walls "pressed" many known recidivists. 

There are a few versions, where so magnificent name of colony appeared from. And all of them have a right on existence. All versions are related to the "thief-in-laws" and prison romanticism. Here two basic from them. In a colony all building is built from a white brick, the walls of that, allegedly, the wings of white swan symbolize. Second variant. On the known legend, if a swan lost sweet one, then sentenced itself to loneliness or to death. Doing a few circles in sky above the dead beloved, he headily fell downward a head and broke against earth.

Some thieves considered therefore, that in these walls they will find the last moorage, will sing the swan song.

However, from those, not such old times, a great deal changed here. Today similar contingent of prisoners specially does not collect here. In a colony persons convict for especially severe crimes serve time: killers, rapists, members of the gangster forming, leaders of the organized criminal groupments. For sentenced to life imprisonment the zone of particular treatment is created. 

The sentenced to life imprisonment take place just in the apartment of "single apartment of chamber type", where before "pressed" "thief-in-laws". Presently sentenced to life imprisonment 295 persons are counted. All of them accomplished serious crimes: androlepcy, theft of people, made to order murders et cetera. On statistics, that, as is generally known, knows everything, on each for the term of life convict on the average is for three ruined souls.

After serving of the first ten years of conclusion sentenced to life imprisonment translated from strict terms in the facilitated terms of maintenance. They already can be seen with relatives, get parcels and letters from will. In the chambers of the "White swan" the convict for the term of life sit on one, two by two and three persons. Administration, studying the "state of the soul" of prisoners, расселяет them, coming from psychological compatibility. A conclusion on this occasion gives professional psychologist.

On Fridays prisoners take a shower, promenade every day at will of them, that lasts one hour. An excursion court is the same chambers only located higher by a floor, on a roof. There light, coolly and freshly. To work as sentenced to life imprisonment does not settle, they constantly are in sign of employees of establishment. It is impossible to them and to study without seeing in educational establishments. With permission administration they can only engage in a self-education.

Among for the term of life convict there are the figures known in the criminal world. For example, sensational the cruel murders Izhevsk criminal organization. Gangsters killed ten of persons brutally. Here Salman Raduev sat the known terrorist from Chechnia and field commander. In 2002 he died from illness, just in the walls of this prison. The heavy wounds in a head, got during the battle operating on Caucasus, became main reason of death.

We will remind that in Germany of Raduev several times produced difficult surgical operations assembled in the skull of plate from very durable titan. Leaders of the gangster Chechnia forming are here and now.

It is possible to say without overstatements the most malicious gangsters of Russia are contained in a penal colony number 2. Here they are sent unby chance: here still very strict mode, and a colony is far from cities. Some prisoners do not maintain the heavy terms of maintenance. When sentenced to life imprisonment dies, this very day telegraph notification leaves to his relatives.

If during three days they do not take away a body or does not confirm a telephone message, that will bury a prisoner, then a deceased is buried on a municipal cemetery. After "a public" burial relatives can to bury again a body on a motherland.

On territory of colony a workshop operates on the production of furniture. Some prisoners only here mastered the first profession and first got work. Many for the past years became the real masters. The special workshop-basement functions here, where the real specialists work. In this group people get unby chance. It celled, apt to escape. Therefore their workshop is actually in basement, under a vigilant guard. On the other hand, exactly the potential apt to escape was trust the most creative work.

That she completely took in their consciousness and distracted from every sort "of nonsenses". The here celled masterly cut out amusing souvenirs and articles of way of life from a softwood. Chess, wooden spoons, boards, three-high small boxes, figurines of animals, all of it can be seen on work benches. And, certainly, symbol of penal colony number 2 is a white swan as support for napkins.

There are a few hothouses on territory of the Solikamsk colony. In a colony there is a library more than five thousand books are counted in that. There is the little orthodoxy church built by the hands of convict.

But nevertheless the "White swan" is a colony special and strictly mode. Therefore around powerful barrages, fences, barbed wire. For all the time, while there is a colony, not a single case of successful escape here did not happen. The most impertinent attempt of escape was undertaken in 1992. Then convict Chafranov armed with a grenade got to the cabinet of chief of single apartment of chamber type. He demanded to free the friend from a lone person, give a motor transport and settle free departure from a zone. An invader was blocked, and then destroyed.

One officer of detachment of the special setting of Ministry of internal affairs of Russia perished thus. After this emergency incident of safety measure in the "White swan" increased. It is considered that today from a colony, running is simply impossible. The guard of zone has more than one hundred well train dogs, спецтехнику. The chambers of track after living and lifeless objects are located on all perimeter of colony.

And last, in respect of "authoritative" convict. In a colony until now "thief-in-laws" depart punishment the terms. A bit of them remained is about ten. And in general, presently for establishment punishment leaves 2139 prisoners, from them 295 persons - for the term of life. 

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"Vologda five".
16 Of february 2012

"Vologda five". Kind from a lakeshore. 


Attendance centre "penal colony number 5"(old name ОЕ 256/5) the "Vologda five" ("Вологодский пятак") of Management of Federal service of execution of punishments of Russia on the Vologda area, is one of five colonies of particular treatment for the term of life convict. The normative filled makes 505 places, including the area of the general mode into 55 places. Located in the Vologda area, Belozersk district, island Fiery, settlement of Novoozero, postal district of Karl Libkneht; tel.(81756) 2-18-31.

Colony on an island Fiery in Belozersk district name "Vologda five" - on the number of establishment. Here the hero of film of Vasiliy Chukchin stepped on wooden duckruns on freedom "Каlina is red" Yegor Prokudin. Here depart punishment convict for especially severe crimes on life imprisonment. On the joint account of prisoners of this colony are hundreds of the ruined lives.

" Vologda five" takes place in selected monastery of Kirilo-Mefodiy on a lake New (island Fiery) near-by a city Belozersk, in Belozersk of district of the Vologda area.


"Vologda five". Деревяный bridge, binding a colony to the bank. 


A friary was in 37 versts from a city Белозерска on the island of the New lake. Founded in 1517 in reigning of grand duke Vasiliy III Иоанновича reverend Cyril White, monk of monastery. According to legend he saw above an island "Post of fire". A monastery in ancient time used benefactions of grand dukes and tsars Moscow, that quite often personally visited a monastery and rewarded his rich holding and patrimonies.

The relics of reverend Cyril are open in 1649 at digging of ditch for foundation of the built church and were fixed in silver позлащенной cancer in an arch between a cathedral and придельной in the name reverend Cyril churches. On Кобылиной in the Тихвинской church there was the icon of our Lady, brought by reverend Cyril, a mountain, to her cross motion was accomplished.

After October revolution 1917 year a monastery was converted into prison for the "enemies of revolution". In 1930th and 1940th here was a colony for the prisoners of state in the system of GULAG. In 1938 here Novoozersk took place penal labour colony number 14, after war penal labour colony number 6, transit camp number 17, that in fiftieth years was reorganized in the camp point of the strict mode.


"Vologda five". Control admission пунк on a територрию colony.


In 1956 in a penal labour colony number 17 the strict mode was set for men convict in the first time for gangsterism and murder. In 1994 first in the Vologda region and in Russia on her base a penal colony was created with the new type of criminal punishment is life imprisonment.

"Five" chose not by chance. To the powerful thick walls of monastery one road conducts only is a wooden bridge through a lake, on windows strong grates. To run it is practically impossible from here, about what confirmed time. First convict led in spring of 1994 the stage from Tambov. Them it was man 20. Today on the Fiery island contained 192 convict to life imprisonment, and also convict, that a death penalty in order of forgiveness is transferable life imprisonment.

In 1997 a monastery became prison exceptionally for prisoners leaving the lifelong measure of punishment. After introduction to 1996 in Russia of moratorium on execution of sentences to the death penalty these sentences began automatically to mean life prison imprisonment. 


Two-place regime chamber of the "Vologda five". Distribution of food for convict. 


Mode, the level of isolation and safety of colony can be named one of hard in the system places of imprisonment of Russia. Criminals are contained here in the terms envisaged for the colonies of particular treatment of chamber type with additional limitations and enhanceable requirements. Local prisoners:

- contained in chambers for two men;

- always wear clothes only specially standard pattern;

- during a walk, bath-house, visits of rest room et cetera any contacts between convict from different chambers are eliminated;

- all actions are executed only from permission and on the command of supervisor(junior inspector), any measure passes under surveillance no less what three employees(that mass measures with participation convict - sporting competitions, viewing of movies, school and professional educating - not conducted quite);

- short-term appointments are given only by duration a few hours, the protracted personal appointments are forbidden;

- in chambers the convict have no authority during a day not to lie down. Not even to sit down on a bed, at every conclusion from a chamber they are exposed to the careful search, chambers too search every day;

- on the measures related to the exit from a chamber, the convict are accompanied in handcuffs.


"Vologda five". Ordinary chamber for maintenance sentenced to life imprisonment.


In times of serving of lifelong punishment, on a village cemetery without crosses and tombstones of island Fiery the 28 sentenced to life imprisonment got over. From them, four managed independently to carry out the capital punishments. At all strictness of the mode, the convict has a chance to go away from life however. Besides psychical diseases the prisoners of Fiery suffer традиционым for the Russian criminal correctional system by tuberculosis. On the average in a prison infirmary there is 20-30 patients.

Does the sentenced to life imprisonment have a chance to go back into free society? In theory after departure 20-25 a life term can be replaced by a residence in the special establishments of social charity or in psychiatric clinics. In respect of return to normal life, doctors and psychologists are sure: on the bodily and psychical condition " a contingent" after 20 of term is forever lost for society. 


"Vologda five". Court for walks convict. 

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