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"Vologda five".

"Vologda five". Kind from a lakeshore. 


Attendance centre "penal colony number 5"(old name ОЕ 256/5) the "Vologda five" ("Вологодский пятак") of Management of Federal service of execution of punishments of Russia on the Vologda area, is one of five colonies of particular treatment for the term of life convict. The normative filled makes 505 places, including the area of the general mode into 55 places. Located in the Vologda area, Belozersk district, island Fiery, settlement of Novoozero, postal district of Karl Libkneht; tel.(81756) 2-18-31.

Colony on an island Fiery in Belozersk district name "Vologda five" - on the number of establishment. Here the hero of film of Vasiliy Chukchin stepped on wooden duckruns on freedom "Каlina is red" Yegor Prokudin. Here depart punishment convict for especially severe crimes on life imprisonment. On the joint account of prisoners of this colony are hundreds of the ruined lives.

" Vologda five" takes place in selected monastery of Kirilo-Mefodiy on a lake New (island Fiery) near-by a city Belozersk, in Belozersk of district of the Vologda area.


"Vologda five". Деревяный bridge, binding a colony to the bank. 


A friary was in 37 versts from a city Белозерска on the island of the New lake. Founded in 1517 in reigning of grand duke Vasiliy III Иоанновича reverend Cyril White, monk of monastery. According to legend he saw above an island "Post of fire". A monastery in ancient time used benefactions of grand dukes and tsars Moscow, that quite often personally visited a monastery and rewarded his rich holding and patrimonies.

The relics of reverend Cyril are open in 1649 at digging of ditch for foundation of the built church and were fixed in silver позлащенной cancer in an arch between a cathedral and придельной in the name reverend Cyril churches. On Кобылиной in the Тихвинской church there was the icon of our Lady, brought by reverend Cyril, a mountain, to her cross motion was accomplished.

After October revolution 1917 year a monastery was converted into prison for the "enemies of revolution". In 1930th and 1940th here was a colony for the prisoners of state in the system of GULAG. In 1938 here Novoozersk took place penal labour colony number 14, after war penal labour colony number 6, transit camp number 17, that in fiftieth years was reorganized in the camp point of the strict mode.


"Vologda five". Control admission пунк on a територрию colony.


In 1956 in a penal labour colony number 17 the strict mode was set for men convict in the first time for gangsterism and murder. In 1994 first in the Vologda region and in Russia on her base a penal colony was created with the new type of criminal punishment is life imprisonment.

"Five" chose not by chance. To the powerful thick walls of monastery one road conducts only is a wooden bridge through a lake, on windows strong grates. To run it is practically impossible from here, about what confirmed time. First convict led in spring of 1994 the stage from Tambov. Them it was man 20. Today on the Fiery island contained 192 convict to life imprisonment, and also convict, that a death penalty in order of forgiveness is transferable life imprisonment.

In 1997 a monastery became prison exceptionally for prisoners leaving the lifelong measure of punishment. After introduction to 1996 in Russia of moratorium on execution of sentences to the death penalty these sentences began automatically to mean life prison imprisonment. 


Two-place regime chamber of the "Vologda five". Distribution of food for convict. 


Mode, the level of isolation and safety of colony can be named one of hard in the system places of imprisonment of Russia. Criminals are contained here in the terms envisaged for the colonies of particular treatment of chamber type with additional limitations and enhanceable requirements. Local prisoners:

- contained in chambers for two men;

- always wear clothes only specially standard pattern;

- during a walk, bath-house, visits of rest room et cetera any contacts between convict from different chambers are eliminated;

- all actions are executed only from permission and on the command of supervisor(junior inspector), any measure passes under surveillance no less what three employees(that mass measures with participation convict - sporting competitions, viewing of movies, school and professional educating - not conducted quite);

- short-term appointments are given only by duration a few hours, the protracted personal appointments are forbidden;

- in chambers the convict have no authority during a day not to lie down. Not even to sit down on a bed, at every conclusion from a chamber they are exposed to the careful search, chambers too search every day;

- on the measures related to the exit from a chamber, the convict are accompanied in handcuffs.


"Vologda five". Ordinary chamber for maintenance sentenced to life imprisonment.


In times of serving of lifelong punishment, on a village cemetery without crosses and tombstones of island Fiery the 28 sentenced to life imprisonment got over. From them, four managed independently to carry out the capital punishments. At all strictness of the mode, the convict has a chance to go away from life however. Besides psychical diseases the prisoners of Fiery suffer традиционым for the Russian criminal correctional system by tuberculosis. On the average in a prison infirmary there is 20-30 patients.

Does the sentenced to life imprisonment have a chance to go back into free society? In theory after departure 20-25 a life term can be replaced by a residence in the special establishments of social charity or in psychiatric clinics. In respect of return to normal life, doctors and psychologists are sure: on the bodily and psychical condition " a contingent" after 20 of term is forever lost for society. 


"Vologda five". Court for walks convict. 

Views (1931)