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"Vladimirsky Central".

"Vladimirsky Central". Regime corps. 


"Vladimirsky Central" - one of the eldest and most known prison establishments of Russia. Arose up on Decree of Catherine the second at the end of the eighteenth century as a bettering house. Later, at цере Alexander second in 1906, was regenerate in "Temporal hard labour prison - Vladimirsky Central" and began to be used as a place of incarceration of extrahazardous and prisoners of state.

The first known prisoner was M.F. Frunze - future soviet военноначальник. At Soviet power becomes the special prison of state security. In 20th here were revolutionaries from a number anarchists, social democrats and эсеров, many influential clergymen.

In 40-50th the special place in history of prison is occupied by the "containing a number prisoners" contained in the mode of the special secrecy(single chambers). In their number, members of government of the Baltic states, Fnna Flilueva(sister of wife of Stalin Nadejda), Evgenia Flilueva(wife of their brother), son of Stalin is Vasiliy, visible German and Japanese military- chiefs? among them German field marshal Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist, that died during departure of term of punishment in 25 on the sentence of military commission of republic of Yugoslavia.

International legend of "Vladimirsky Central" is the American pilot spy Harry Pauers. His airplane was hammered together by a soviet rocket anti air defensive under Sverdlovsk of May, 1, 1960. He stayed in clink to February, 1962, while he was not exchanged for a soviet secret service agent Abel.

In "Vladimirsky Central" there were participants of правозащитного motion, convict for a dissidence, : Kronid Lubarski, Anatoliy Marchenko, Viktor Nekipelov, Uriy Daniel, Natan Charanski(future is a vice-prime of government of Israel), Vladimir Bukovski(in 1976 he was exchanged for the Secretary general of communist party of Chile Luis Korvalan).

The prisoners of "Vladimirsky Central" were such known personalities, convict on the article " terrorism", as singer Lidia Ruslanova, actress Zoya Andreeva. Here a writer Daniil Andreev wrote the famous "Rose of the world".

Presently "Vladimirsky Central" passed to the conduct of Ministry of Justice of Russia is the mestome of incarceration of especially dangerous criminals and malicious violators of the mode in penal colonies.

In 1997 at him a museum is created "History of Vladimirskiy prison". In two rooms different materials are accommodated from a local archive(photos, documents), personal things and hand-made articles of prisoners. As exhibits the results of their labour are also presented: boxing-gloves, soccer balls, telephone sets. In a corridor conducing to Museum, are standards of the prison painting : pictures, pictures, placards.


"Vladimirsky Central". Prisoners and administration of prison. 

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