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Berlin prison "Moabit".


Berlin prison " Moabit". Kind from above.


 "Moabit" is former Berlin prison, built in 1888. It is a complex from five четырехэтажных corps united in form a fan. Strongly suffered from bombardments 1945 year, in 1962 was repaired. Моабитская prison - one of most known in the world, is in the center of Berlin. From 2001 enters in the complement of district of Митте. In the past, differed in tortures and unbearable terms of maintenance of prisoners.

Presently, German " Moabit" is establishment of preliminary conclusion for the persons of sex of men, attaining 21 and older, in that install in decision of court.

His Russian analogue is detention facility, but only on destiny of these establishments. And methods and terms a few another, they are straight opposite. Regular capacity " of Моабита" - 1200 prisoners. Administration and auxiliary personnel are civilians. In " Moabit" under investigation fortnightly(and in separate necessary to the prisoner cases and thicket) give appointments. A judge or public prosecutor accord permission. Conversations during conversation with an advocate and correspondence with him are not subject to censorship.


Prison " Moabit", 1944 year. 


Correspondence of under investigation prisoners is subject to перлюстрации in decision of court or office of public prosecutor. It is settled all prisoners to look the television and listen the radio. Prisoners can in the known limits even to furnish and decorate the chamber(except for an electric and sanitary equipment). Under investigation " Moabit" can order to itself in the chamber of book and periodicals. Rules of internal order under investigation can give out on many languages, including on Russian.

In " Moabit" there are not chambers more than on three men. The size of such chambers makes about 30 square meters. But it, more often exception: in " Moabit" aim, that every prisoner had the chamber. There is wooden furniture in the chamber of маобитской prison. At pleasure, non-smokers are not placed together with smoking. Into prison there is a trainer hall. Berths in two tiers are considered violation of Constitution.

Known prisoners: Росские prisoners sat in her for years. In 1911- 1912 is a famous secret service agent, captain of the Russian General staff Mihael Kostevich, 1919 to the year - Rarl Radek is the Austrian national, visible figure of soviet and international communist motion. From 1933 in " Моабите" a few years there was Ernst Telman. In 1941 - 1945

- internee citizens of the USSR are diplomats, sent on an assignment specialists, soviet prisoners of war, accused of agitation among the prisoners of the German concentration camps; a poet Musa Jalil is a military correspondent, being taken prisoner in 1942 at the Volkhov front that in the walls of this prison was executed; Bulgarian communist George Димитров, convict яко after for the arson of building of Reichstag. In the years of alteration, after falling of the Berlin wall, in " Moabit" the former head of former German Democratic Republic Erich Honecker got for a short time.


Courtyard of prison " Moabit", 1945 year. 

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