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Prison Bautcen I: "yellow death".

 Prison Bautcen I : kind from above.


Built at the beginning of 20 century, at once getting a nickname "Yellow trouble" from the yellow bricking of walls. In the days of nazis in 1933-1945 here seated the political opponents of the mode, including communists and social democrats. The known prisoner at this time was a general secretariat of communist party Germanium Ernst Telman, that was there in 1943-44, while was not in August 1944 delivered in the concentration camp of Buhenvald and kill on the direct order of Hitler and Himmler.

In 1945 prison was converted into a soviet relocation center. In the documents of Soviet military administration in Germany passed under the name "The Special camp №4". Mainly there were nazis, social democrats and "bourgeois element". From data of the German researchers, for this period 2700 persons perished in Bautcen.

Dead "persons were taken away from chambers and gave up in trucks, - Erdmann (German defender of rights, making numb there six years) writes. - After a supervisor poked in this heap a long stick with a sharp metallic tip, to make sure, that nobody tries to accomplish escape under the guise of dead person. Bodies took in a township in a neighborhood of Bautcen known under the name the Rabbit mountain, where gave up in a mine and from above fell asleep by a quicklime". (From the book of John Keller there are "Secrets of STASI").

The ration of prisoners in prisons of DDR was very scanty are twenty two ounces of brown bread and ounce of jam and fat. On dinner gave the litre of chowder almost. A potato was given only on Sundays. Busy on fags got additional fats and piece of sausage. Twice in the day of prisoners gave to drink black ersatz-coffee. In 1956 Ministry of state security, copying soviet experience, went on an innovation: from now on together with политзаключенными began to contain criminals, killers, robbers, thieves and sexual perverting. (the same source).

From 1950 to 1989 prison submitted to the department of prisons Ministries internal affairs of DDR. After 1956, when the last prisoners planted by Soviet Administration were exempt, in clink there are criminals-recidivists and convict to the protracted terms. However there continued to seat such политзеков, as " saboteurs", "agitators against the state", defectors etc.

From October, 1990 Bautcen is under the management of Ministry of justice of Saxony. Today this prison for convict to the protracted terms of conclusion.

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