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Hard labour prison Port Arthur on an island Tasmania.

Port Arthur. Stair march from a mooring pier to the regime corps of hard labour prison. 


The British colonists stepped on earth of Tasmania in 1802. Convicts prevailed among new settlers. Their previous mestome of conclusion was ominous prison on an island Norfolk.

Authorities wanted somehow to use territory of Tasmania, and she was confessed by the most suitable mestome for criminals, leaving punishment.

In XIX englishmen take up creation of ideal hard labour. Certainly, for her an unapproachable place is needed. The Tasmanian peninsula from this point of view befitted blamelessly. This scrap of dry spell, by an only narrow strake connected with basic earth, became the cemetery of all hopes on escape.

In 1830 model prison - Port-Arthur grows here. Such name was given to the complex in honour a governor - initiator of building of bettering house. This was the greatest on sizes lithoidal building in Australia.

Over two thousand prisoners worked here for the good of Britain: did furniture, sewed a clothing, shoe, made small ships. Terms of life were more or less tolerable. Chambers - spacious enough, a feed too is fully normal. There was even a little library on the third floor. Territory was patrolled by soldiers with house-dogs, that is why to stop an attempt it was easily to escape.


Port Arthur. Disciplinary block of hard labour prison. 


Even if did someone succeed to abandon territory of colony, that waited " a lucky person" after her limits? A prospect of pitiful existence is in ominous тасманийских thickets, next to pointing horror a marsupial wolf, especially attracted nobody. Most criminals were by birth from the poorest quarters of cities of Great Britain. After the protracted trip to Australia an ocean suggested fear to them.

Able to float only not many, water here even in summer very cold, and guards did not get tired to spread rumours about terrible sharks inhabiting a bay round prison. One of prisoners the of genius idea of escape occurred. He found the dead body of kangaroo, took off a hide from it, put on her and, waiting till the pore of twilights, began to jump through the guarded area right in front of nose at a patrol. A criminal thought that a guard would simply take no notice on him.

Escape was almost succeeded. But, unfortunately, fresh meat wanted patrolling on a supper. Fugitive, seeing that in him aim from a gun, heaved up hands confessed that he is a not kangaroo, and man. Him, naturally, grasped.

At first criminals were cut by a lash, but it was then decided to pass to more " humane" method of punishment. Solitary confinement that many did not simply maintain and lost reason became him. The prison system could be proud of the most successful creation.

Gradually Port-Arthur grows into the real city of prisoners. A peninsula was broken on the some carefully guarded sectors. Here was a place for a temple, mail, hospital, apartment for a guard, perfectly fortified residence of commandant, farms, port and of island dead, id est cemeteries. To the church the people of any religion were admitted.

During sermons prisoners sat on the places specially equipped so that a free commonunication was impossible. All this system perfectly functioned and then, when delivery of prisoners ceased from the old world. Indeed, Tasmania nevertheless longer than all accepted the English criminals.

In 1853 here the last ship came with convicts. But even when delivery of new criminals ceased, an ominous colony did not have left off to work: old prisoners continued to depart punishment. Only at 1877 a settlement closes.

Someone remained forever on the island of dead, other either got amnesty or were translated on a free settlement in the different Australian cities. On Port-Arthur is brought down avalanche of hoodoos. A few horrific fires for the pair of months destroy greater part of colony. The saved building of complex were restored and converted into a museum.

Modern Port-Arthur is this place of pilgrimage of thousands of tourists. Some are interested in history of this earth, and many are charmed by rumors about ghosts allegedly wandering on prison corridors. Certainly, ruins look misterioso and frighteningly. Looking on them at twilight o'clock, it easily to believe that until now the aimless souls of criminals ramble here.


 Port Arthur. Regime corps of hard labour prison. Kind from a height.


Through the depressed howling of wind the sounds of somebody's steps are reported. Doors creak piercing, and in windows ghostly silhouettes flash and lights twinkle. Probably, these histories are told for the sake of bringing in of attention of tourists. Anyway, supernatural lovers aim here with enviable constancy. For extreme feeling lovers the special service is given is a night excursion on prison.

Persons interested to visit Port-Arthur can be stopped at one of local comfortable hotels.

Authorities of the Australian island Tasmania worked out unique tourist suggestion and named him a "prison turn". 11 hard labour prisons of Australia entered List of World heritage of UNESCO recently. Five from them are on Tasmania. In opinion of authorities, it can attract tourists on an island.

"When you ask people, that they know about Tasmania, only, what they remember - it our wild nature, - the head of tourist office of island talks - that some our objects entered the list of UNESCO, must urge on тасманийский tourism to development and will give an opportunity to acquaint guests with our heritage" to us.

The guests of island now will be able to pass the "path of convicts" and to trace history of nearly every prisoner due to the well saved records and documents. Hard labour zones on Tasmania are located close to each other, that allows to unite them all within the framework of one turn.

Port - Arthur located approximately in 60 kilometres from Hobart, already is one of the most popular tourist directions in a region. It is a complex from a 60 building entered in a picturesque landscape. Presented by British authorities as "unapproachable prison", Port-Arthur has a lot in common with American prison Alkatras, also popular among tourists. Hard labour prison is in Port - Arthur lasted 1877 to.


Port Arthur. Regime corps of hard labour prison.Kind from a bay. 

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