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Former prison Mount Gambier, now hotel complex.

Facade of present hotel "Old prison Mount Gambier". 


Proprietors Melissa and James (about that the guests of this hotel all as one answer warm) made a budgetary hotel out of former municipal prison, where ordinary numbers, and domestic, and general rooms, are for бэкпекеров. Prison in this place lasted 100 more than - from 1866 to 1995 here were the real prisoners, and numbers for guests are situated in former prison chambers.

Prison chapel, as well as a library, and living room, is done under the needs of travellers, and them here quite a bit: a small town Mount Gambier is located half-way between Adelaide and Melbourne, on a "ocean way", and famous the blue lake and national parks.

In the days of, when Australia was the mestome of serving of punishment of criminals, сдесь took place hard labour prison that was famous for the whole world hard attitude toward prisoners.


Former chamber of prison Mount Gambier, now hotel number. 


Those, who had though one time in life to get and remain on whole night in clink, think, hardly will agree to voluntarily basis to return there once again

But specially for those, whoever yet tested " happiness" to appear in clink, but night very thirsts to conduct there in one of hotels of Australia enterprising owners created all terms for this purpose. This building is old prison in Mount Gambier, that specially for travellers with a limit budget transformed in an accommodation.

For a very insignificant pay you will be able, to conduct whole night in a separate chamber, without the different fees of attorneys' and trials in a court. Taking into account that the guests of this very original hotel eat in a prison dining-room yet and, and sleep straight near a rest room their decision to live exactly in this hotel, it is possible to name a brave enough decision.

However it stops the enormous stream of tourists, that thirsts to feel in a role of the most real prisoner. And if suddenly you some time will occur to check, what there, on other side of grate, a favour we ask in a famous hotel "Old prison Mount Gambier". And кто-кто and she will not leave you to indifferent.


Former prison court of prison Mount Gambier, now hotel complex.

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