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Capital prison Leoben.


Center of justice and regime corps of prison Leoben. Kind from a speed highway.


Probably, it is possible to name capital prison Leoben, that is located in the of the same name suburb of Viena, the masterpiece of creation of prison architecture, along a speed highway, more precisely, his combination with the office of public prosecutor and court under the general name "Center Justices". It the enormous complex, executed from steel constructions, concrete and glass, reminds a chic hotel rather, thus not only by appearance. Architects used in a project two principles: "No palace of justice after fortress walls.

Modern and open for visits place, where prisoners are maximally close to the terms of work and spare провождения time eliminating additional measures on a rehabilitation after liberation". Spacious chambers on one man, enormous, in all wall of window, true, taken away by metallic grates, but painted the same as and sex, walls and ceiling, and even the barbed wire non-load-bearing a prison complex on a perimeter, in a white color.

Chambers are incorporated in blocks for 15 rooms, in each there is the мини-кухня that serves not so much for preparation of food, how many by a club for a commonunication between prisoners. In addition is an enormous hall with an exit on a loggia, sanitary zone.

In a chamber is a bed, stand with an electro-tea-pot, table, chair, two shelves, on a wall bracket television. A room for appointments brings the romantic impressions on too. Two-seater bed, dinner-table crowned by a vase with colors, two chairs, stand. The interiors of corridors also suggest an idea about a hotel. Furniture is executed in accordance with a modern design from a skin, plastic and tree and painted in quiet tones - pink, blue and green.

To services of prisoners trainer and sporting (for playing football and basket-ball) halls, and also tables for table tennis, taken away in a court for walks, above that too specialists did some work on a landscape. Plus to it quite good library, medical service and possibility to associate with a psychologist. Only, what to date the celled moslems are dissatisfied, so it that they are deprived possibility to meet with an imam.

A menu can show oneself exotic even for an ordinary man. Upon breakfast porridge on milk, sandwiches depends with sausages and копченостями, omelet with a ham, famous липтовский cheese is mixture of brynza, oils with a red and black pepper that is spread on bread. Certainly, juices, tea, coffee and rolls.

On dinner and that steeper. For example, on the first is soup from a beef or with hepatic кнедлями, on the second are the egg-plants stuffed by meat and vegetables, or dumplings (with шпиком, potato, porous, oily), ham baked with a noodle. Upon a dessert the famous Viennese pastry wares or, for example, apple-pie depend usually.

All photos of "Center of justice" and regime corps of prison Leoben can be seen on this reference


Facade of building of "Center of justice" of prison Leoben. 

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