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Alcatraz is prison it is impossible to run from that.

Prison " Alcatraz". Kind from the side of the Pacific ocean on a bay San Francisco. 


Territory of island at first was used as protective fort, later as military prison, and then as the superprotected prison for especially dangerous criminals and those, who accomplished the attempts of escape from the previous places of confinement.

Prison is disembodied presently, an island is converted into a museum, where a ferry walks from San Francisco.

Opening of gold in California drove to the San Francisco of thousand courts bay. Because of "gold-fever" there was a necessity for defence of bay.

In 1850 on an island began to build fort, where more than 110 long-range instruments were set.

A location in the middle of bay with icy water and marine swashes provided the isolation of island. Due to it Alcatraz was examined by the army of the USA as an ideal place for maintenance of prisoners of war.

In 1861 on an island the first prisoners of war began to arrive. Alcatraz was the first army prison of the protracted maintenance and conquered reputation of place, differing in a strictness to the violators that ran into severe disciplinary measures.

Punishment could be assigning for fags, apartment in a single insulator with a limit ration from bread and water, and this a list was not limited to. 

Middle age of the celled servicemen was 24, and majority served time conclusion for desertion or less serious violations. Were and those, who served time for insubordination to the commanders, physical violence, stealing or murder.

The maiden attempts of escapes were then accomplished already. In spite of all efforts, nobody was so not able to escape: most fugitives did not succeed to get to the bank and it was necessary to countermarch, to be saved from icy water. Those, whoever returned, perished from supercooling.

Later on an island it was decided to do civil prison. Alcatraz satisfied to the basic requirements: to place dangerous criminals far from society on an unapproachable rock. At the reconstruction of prison left to untouched only foundation, and self building was fully reconstructed. To the reconstruction of grate and twigs were wooden - they were substituted by steel.

Electricity was conducted in every chamber, and all official tunnels were wall-up, to eliminate possibility of penetration in them prisoners for shelter and further escape.

On the perimeter of the Prison corps the special gun galleries that allowed to the guards to be on a watch were higher than chambers placed, being the protected steel twigs.

A prison dining-room, as most vulnerable for fights and brawls place, was equipped by capacities with tear gas, that were situated in ceiling and managed remotedly.


Island and priso "Alcatraz". Kind from above.

The towers of the armed guard were placed on the perimeter of all island. 

Doors were equipped by electric sensors.

Introduction of new safety measures, together with cold waters of the San Francisco bay, created a reliable barrier even to the most incorrigible criminals.

Every prisoner had only an own chamber and minimum rights on the receipt of food, water, clothing, medical and stomatologic help.

In Alcatraz it was forbidden prisoners to have some personal things. Taking title on intermingling with visitors, visits of prison library and letter, a prisoner had to deserve labour and blameless behavior.

Thus to prison works prisoners were shut out with an ill-use.

For the least fault a prisoner was deprived all rights.

Any mass medias were forbidden, including reading of newspapers. All letters, as well as in any other clink, were checked up by a prison official.

There were not only gangsters and especially dangerous criminals in Alcatraz. He was filled with prisoners from other prisons, by fugitives and rebels or those, who violated the mode of maintenance systematic. 

Prison life was monotonous. The main corridor of prison corps prisoners named "Broadway", and chambers on the second tier along this passage-way were most desirable in clink.

Other chambers were situated down, were cold, and a personnel and prisoners went often by them.

In the early years of work Alcatraz supported politics of complete silense - prisoners had always to be quiet, that many prisoners considered the most unbearable punishment. Rumors walked, that a few prisoners went bughouse from this rule. Politics of silense was abolished later. 

There were single chambers of insulators in an east wing. In them there was not even a valuable rest room: simply hole weathering of that was managed by a guard. In an insulator placed without an outerwear and on a scanty ration.

One of regime corps of prison " Alcatraz". 

Usually in an insulator placed the violators of order on 1-2 days. It was cold in a chamber, and a mattress was given out only for the night. In the door of chamber there was the closed narrow crack for the transmission of food that always was closed, abandoning a prisoner in complete darkness, so that a man stopped to feel time.

To get in an insulator was the most strict punishment for serious violations and ill-use, and this punishment all prisoners, even incorrigible criminals, were afraid of.

In 1963 prison on Alcatraz was closed.

It was done from too large charges on maintenance of prisoners on an island, because everything regularly had to be left from a mainland. And prison required repair on the tremendous amount of money. 

In 1973 an island was opened for tourists, and now he is annually visited by about million tourists. For persons interested to feel on an own hide, as awfully to get in prison, there is the special " attraction" - tourists are locked in a chamber. Even in pretence it very-very TERRIBLE!

Alcatraz is legendary prison, symbol of "impossibility of escape". Because for 29 of exploitation of prison not a single successful escape was accomplished! Thirty four prisoners were organized by 14 attempts of escape, two tried to hurry twice; seven shot down, two drowned, five пропали without a new, other it was succeeded to grasp and return back for a grate.

On December, 16 1937 are Two prisoners Theodore Koul and Ralph Роу, working in a workshop on treatment of iron, by means of being there instruments took off a grate from a window and moved to water. But did not drive them, in that day a severe storm broke out and, probably, they drowned, so not swimming to the bank of San Francisco.

Their bodies were not found and most people suppose that carried away them a gale in a high sea. They are considered without a new disappearing.

On September, 15, 1941 during cleaning up of territory John Balles made an effort run. He successfully got to water, but far from an island not able to sail. Icy water вынудила him to return on an island. 

On July, 31 1945 - one of the most inventive attempts of escape. John Jayls worked in prison laundry in that wore away, besides prison things, army form. Джайлсу succeeded to steal the complete set of form, and he, changed clothes, went out from prison sure that already at liberty. 

The plan of him consisted of that, to leave on dinner with " colleagues" in San Francisco, and there to hide.

However drove him: on this day servicemen had dinner on an island Anjel, but not in San Francisco, as he supposed. In addition, his absence in clink was quickly remarked on. Therefore as soon as Джайлс appeared on an island Аnjel, he was grasped and back sent in Аlcatraz.

The known attempt of escape was accomplished by Frank by Morris and brothers by John and Clarence Engl. These three hurried from the chambers of June, 11, 1962, working out one of the most acute plans of escape.

After chambers in a prison corps there was an unprotected official tunnel breadthways near one meter. Frank Maurice with the brothers of Engl in turn picked out pieces from the concrete damaged by moisture, to get to the official tunnel.

They used for this aim the home-made drill, made out of the metallic spoon, soldered by silver from a tencent coin with the motor stolen from a vacuum cleaner.

Noise from a drill was disguised by playing during a hour music. When a hole in a wall was ready, trinity erected in the beds of doll, that their absence was not found out guards in advance.

When all was ready, fugitives got through a hole and pawned her from within by bricks. Farther they got through on a roof and got down to water on a water-shoot.

There, on beforehand made to the raft from rubber cloaks, they sailed from a bank. More credible than all fugitives did not swim to the bank, vanishing somewhere in cold waters of bay. They are considered officially without a new disappearing.

Versions on that Morris and Engl they could get to the bank to hide are described in the different articles, adventure films and books. But enough to visit on very tall island-rock of Аlkatraz, to look downward at the sharp ledges of rocks with a surf - and becomes clear that however Аlcatraz is "prison without chances on escape".


Ordinary chambe of prison " Alcatraz".

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