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Detention facility of city Kriviy Rig among convict has the name "Wheel".

Regime corps of prison "Wheel". 


Name "Wheel" got detention facility of city Kriviy Rig due to the features of the architecture : it from above look like a circle. Hardly someone from зеків saw "Wheel" from the height of bird flight. But many it seemed that an exit was not from this reserved circle. Somebody from them, getting in "Wheel", was not really able from him to go out.

Detention facility. Here feeling of guilt for that did, buried under the press of that do with you. Guilt dissolves in pain and fear before new pain. Here does not "violate human rights" and does not "humiliate human dignity". Правозахисники and advocates talk about such high matters, who they are for. But all of them on other side of грат. It does not exist on this side from such concepts. The habitants of prison mainly expect a decreet, id est not confessed by guilty.

That does not rescue them from superhuman punishments, sometimes up to a higher measure, a long ago anniented our humane state that stamps to Europe, as a хитромордий cat on a chain.

Here is only зеки and jailers. They wind the terms for different parties of грат. In most jailers these terms more than at a contingent. And quite a bit they were deserved it to a full degree...

Official statistics lies often. Statistics of amount those, who departs punishment and expects the sentence of court, wrongs. She does not take into account those, who, being at liberty, a term departs together with the native and goes along with them on all stages. It is relatives of criminals and innocently convict; relatives those, who the system took away the sentence in a court. Grief of convict and their near mostly silent. As a rule, to them it is not been in strength to lead to something, - not only prison but also system is arranged the reserved circle of wheel for us. Although all of them are witnesses one and all.

Witnesses for the prosecution.

Iryna, to have convict that was in detention facility of city Kriviy Rig : "As in any regional center, there is detention facility in our Kherson, where bring suspected and accused from all area. And here him it was gathered to break up, seems, through rains, emergency state, does not know exactly. A son told to me about it on an appointment as early as July, when I arrived on his birthday. Then I did not give it the special value. Said: to the son, for you already sentence on a nose, soon will be in a camp.

But with August розселення of habitants of detention facility of city Kherson was begun in the different corners of Ukraine. They were sent in Djankoy, Zaporijia, Mikolayv. And guys from Kahovka got to Kriviy Rig. A map lay down so already. Well here and began.

My son yet was in Kherson and periodically established connections. And here I hear first, that he in panic, asks: мамо, do anything. Because terrible cases about the first two stages, that got to Kriviy Rig, became known. About frightful beating, that a jaw was broken someone.

Tell, that on 20 arrive shoot out persons 60 in masks, defence, with sticks, електрошокерами. A chairman is not touched, beat on feet, back, kidneys, stomach. Worldly-wise, from these beatings for convict meat unstucked from bones. Then give up in a punishment cell, where outpour water with a chlorine.

Talk, in Kriviy Rig even to tomentous relation for convict not such, as everywhere, because there lawlessness, and it is well known about it...

In Kherson with a son in a chamber a boy sat on a nickname Acetone.

it is drug Addict?

- No, it is a nickname on the last name. A son said, that had been відправлено first on Kriviy Rig, and a chairman was there broken through him. I contacted with a mother Ацетона, that not alone day rode on криворізьких hospitals, searching a son. In one of them she him and found. The state of him was heavy, and it was her to remain in Kriviy Rig, to be alongside.

Here, my son asked to ring up all Kakhovka, if to report that on August, 25 to Kriviy Rig a bus will go with the parents of етапованих. Parents tried to protest under detention facility. To them produced some fellow, prisoner that said, that in them all all right...

There was there television. Indeed, then they almost gave nothing in ether - a plot was двохвилинний. And the materials given by the parents of етапованих the workers of television did not turn.

Then information began to spread, that people that arrived to Kriviy Rig are quite not parents of ув'язнених, and market tradeswomen that was hired for money. All was finished thereon...

When it was said me, that and my son got to Kriviy Rig, I ревіла, yelled, I had the real hysterics. In fact I know miraculously, that there are not such uglinesses in our Kherson area, as in Kriviy Rig. At 3,5, that my son conducted in detention facility of city Kherson, we had no claims against administration. And already comparatively with Kriviy Rig, they in general sat well, though slept in turn, as places failing. I assume that some nuances, probably, could be. But no misunderstanding, claims were not. Monthly I rode on an appointment with a son.

Nobody prevented me, and all my transmissions came to him. A son always spoke with me very blithely, calmly. The point is that to this life he adjusted already, I had seen never, that he was even in the low-spirited state, not only beaten. It always was in a kind humour.

In Kriviy Rig a son stayed 12 days. He was back sent then, by the stage on Kherson. When he went out with me on connection, I did not simply know him to voice. With a son an accomplice passed in business, for him to have Russian, and father negro. I then asked a son about a that fellow: rumours walked, that he was strongly beaten in Kriviy Rig. A son answered: "Мамо, we were closed and beat bluntly. So lasted three twenty-four hours, I пісяю blood".

- Who it did do, on his words?

are Soldiers in masks...

14 guys that went along with a son the stage were departed by the courts, and them must send back to Kriviy Rig. They were loaded in the covered machines and brought on the railway station. There must place in the special carriages and send on Kriviy Rig. The doors of the covered machine were just opened, they were cut. Among them there were two orphans to protect that in general to nobody...

- From whom directly did you get this information?

- From these guys. In fact not secret, that connection is with prison. And first heard about it from the mother of one of them.

- Why did they do so?

-, not to get to Kriviy Rig.

- were not They sent?

- No, they remained in Kherson, in a hospital...

on September, 21 people called by phone my husband, said, that rode in Kriviy Rig took away the dead body of convict, in 1962 of birth. Said, that kill. He from the village of Korobki, it for ten minutes of ride from Kahovka. Man did not even tell me about it, I knew only, that a ring was from Kriviy Rig, and saw that he is places to the soba does not find...

Afterwards I intermingled with native this convict - with a brother, mother. A brother said, that he was killed in Crooked Розі. on September, 21 they arrived to take away a body, did not allow перевдягнути him. They it is said that must pay 900 hryvnyas in detention facility in a morgue. Delete a certificate, that a sharp heart failure became reason of death. Home he was brought in a coffin. Relatives of fellow and present person on funerals assert that the dead convict had the bruises on all body, dissected lip, eyebrows, broken through head...

I every day phoned to Kriviy Rig. Finally, on Septembers, 24, it was reported me, that confirmation of sentence came to my son and he відправлено to one of colonies of the Kherson area. Since on 12 days a son disappeared. Can imagine to the soba my state, in fact I did not know all this time, that with him. I оббила all thresholds, searching him. Only imagine my horror.

Once in the evening in doors a not high man, father of one, called of those, with whom my son was in a chamber. A son asked to pass that with him all all right, and to collect warm things. I was surprised, because already passed to him everything for a camp: from shampoo, socks - to the warm things.

From Kriviy Rig a son arrived in some rubber-boot in that the convict walk to the bath-house, without socks, in sporting trousers and t-shirt. It appeared, herein he stayed all 12 days to the stage. Then the first colds stood exactly. In addition, for them took away all meal, cigarettes, tea, sugar. Five or six days they were not simply without a dry ration, but in general without the hunk of bread - on water.

Fifth October a son arrived in Kherson. He was sent in a colony, where he serves time now. He passed a quarantine, him it was already heaved up on detachment. Now I am more or less quiet for him. But there, in Kriviy Rig, there are living people above that mock similarly. A son it is said that can not sleep until now, screaming of woman that was beaten stand in ears. And yet he said: "Than anymore you there bustle about at liberty, the beat more boys. Commissions come on the ground, second floor. The chamber of an increase mode, chamber is never shown them 517 and 524 and those, who sits" there.

I have much information about that takes place. It is difficult to live with this pain. Connection is with prisons, it be common knowledge. Sometimes someone can call by phone me from guys somewhere in four morning. We talk a hour about all in the world, although I did not see this man never in life. Know the name and age only. And that in the morning will leave the stage".

Lyudmyla, to have one of ув'язнених in "Wheel", ready to promulgate the last name after taking away to the son of sentence : "Talk, all of it lasts in "Wheel" during years. That fear that we saw in the eyes of our children it is impossible to pass. A son until now does not tell to me everything, that was there, although a not alone month passed already. I see that this horror sits in him. Much there blue and black from beatings. Beating begin at once, just they arrive there. They are produced from machines and meet sticks".

С. is also ready to promulgate the last name after the pronouncement of sentence : "We were brought to Kriviy Rig by train, planted in the covered machines and drove to prison. When we arrived, soldiers in masks, with sticks повикидали us from machines and began to beat. Beat so much. Then closed people on punishment cells. A punishment cell is given to whom seven twenty-four hours, to whom eight or nine. And there every evening from ninth-tenth people too beat very in earnest. I saw people, in that there are the crippled feet, hands, somebody from them got in a hospital.

Why beat, incomprehensible. So prison accepts...

Already then, when me it was heaved up in a chamber, I knew, that so it takes place always for them. Talk, in that clink it is tradition.

- If does it really so take place always, then why about it began to talk only now?

- Simply before in them there were not such mass stages from other areas. Kakhovka returned the stage, that is why and information went about mass beating in Kriviy Rig. And convict from Kriviy Rig - they already got used to it all, live so. They are local, sit there constantly, they in general have nowhere to go.

- And why does beat, how you think?

-Ламають people, and all... In chambers, in chambers, where the arrested hold out, there are sportsmen...

are the So-called "persons that help administration"?

-Ну so, "persons that help administration", they already there beat people, can a chairman in a rest room to push in, compel to work, to wear away to someone something, although so doing is impossible. But if a man disagrees, they beat her, then again on a punishment cell. There already a valorous brigade that guards "Wheel" beats this man. It is a matter of course. Frightful things are created there.

- And true, that in celled to tomentous there otherwise relation, more loyal than in other places?

- It so.

Father of one of guys that cut to the soba veins, in order to avoid етапування in detention facility: "Son talks, 13 guys cut veins. I asked him, why he did it. He tells me: "Father, you do not present to the soba, that is created there. I simply want nothing to tell". He does not want, that we were nervous. After a cut only and told briefly.

And today detention facility under the name "Wheel" is such from the large number of prisons and detention facilities of Ukraine, where it is considered that the mode here найсуворіший after somewhere. And here and rights for convict here continue to violate ... 


Chambers are for holding of convict of prison "Wheel". 

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