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Old Japanese-Russian prison is in Jiguanchen.

Included in Russian-Japanese prison in Jiguanchen, that presently is a museum. 


Old Japanese-Russian prison is located in Jiguanchen (Mountain of cockscomb) not far from a city Dalian. Today it is main sight in Dalian. Partly built in 1902, when Russians occupied the north-eastern Chinese city, building of prison ceased later, when Russia lost war to Japaneses. 85 prison chambers and head office were built by that time. Old prison served as Russian горнизона cavalry and field hospital.

In future, 253 prison chambers, four secret rooms, some rooms for prisoners-invalids and 15 factories, were created . Japanese-Russian Prison is the greatest prison in north-eastern China at the beginning of the twentieth century.

In this clink the enormous amount of the Chinese people and revolutionaries was cruelly tortured and kill Japaneses. Here, executed more than 700 persons, between 1942 and 1945. Before completion of war the Japanese army accomplished a cruel carnage and destroyed all prison files that contained documents and records of crimes. From the seventiess of the last century the Chinese people asked local authorities to undertake a study and collect all material, information and possible prison documents of this time. Afterwards, the exhibitions of memory were here conducted .

Today former Japanese - Russian prison, is Museum, where to be kept archive of documents dated between 1894 and 1945 for years, including photos, inscriptions, articles, and other the documents that testify to the crimes of that time.

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