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The "Pekinese large house" is basic detention facility of Beijing.


This history is writtenin according to a foreigner that conducted the last seven months in Pekinese detention facility number 1, that is named among prisoners, as the "Pekinese large house".

In this insulator life imprisonment or death penalty threatens other prisoners, and if I was Chinese, all would make off much worse for me.

It was boring there, but rules were strict.

Fortunately, foreigners are accommodated in a block together with "white neckwears", that certainly better, than killers, cannibals and rapists, accommodated in other blocks. Many of the Chinese with that I sat together were with higher education, and many were in high positions. A man former the richest man in China sat even - farther on a corridor.

A chamber was about 25 feet of х 15 feet, and in her contained from 12 to under 14 investigation. The about half of room was occupied " by a board", raised ground from a wall to the wall on that we sat in the day-time ​​and slept at night. A bathroom in a chamber consisted of rest room, faucet without a shell, and other faucet, higher, was for a shower. Wall between bath and chamber was transparent, that everybody could see what you occupy there. To it get used. Everyday life was monotonous, here time-table:

6: 30 Breakfast(dry milk and water, slice of bread, egg every two days).

7: 00 Cleaning up of chamber. I was appointed to take away John and bathroom from the first day, except me there was another man accountable for it, so that I cleaned him in a day, three times per a day.

7: 30 Seat on " a board". It is the basic type of activity in any Chinese clink, and we had to sit on verge of her during greater part of day. To lean too far forward or back, and even to lay a leg it was forbidden(especially, if a duty officer was мудак) on a leg. Only one of us at this time it was let to get up and move in a rest room, after water, to get a book, etc. Mainly, I stirred with other people or read a book. Sitting so, at first strongly injured a back, but then got used.

10: 30 Dinner! For the last three months of my conclusion the boiled potato was every day. One boiled vegetable was ordinary for most eating, the piece of beef relied one time per a month. Every dish also included the pair of slices of bread, and rice every two days. After dinner we had an about o'clock of spare time.

12: 00 Time of siesta is Chinese tradition!

13: 30 we Sit on " a board" yet during three hours. In addition, in the second half of day we were produced on a walk on 15 minutes in another small room with a large hole without glass highly in a wall. Id est you could see sky, and sometimes and a sun, but it even with stretching it was impossible to name going out of doors. In addition, we did exercises, going on a circle together with plenty of prisoners in a small apartment.

16: 30 Supper! Fat boiled cabbage or turnip.

On Mondays we got the small bowl of tomato soup Fridays with an egg. After dinner we had a 2 o'clock of spare time for taking a shower, that I used and for exercises. As a rule, these were an about 75 quetching(not all at once), exercises on a biceps both shoulders and squat, to prevent атрофирование feet. I did it approximately in 5 one time per a week. For making heavier we used the pair of trousers, filled with bottles with water. It was to very по-тюремному.

19: 00 Time to look official translation of state news on the channel, that it was much worse even official state news agency. "Means worse", that first 9 histories, as a rule, about that 9 топ-лидеров of central government did on this day, after 2 minutes of international news. In respect of other sources of news, by chance 3 got us or 4 sheets from a newspaper China Daily(in English) every week.

I knew that Michael Jackson had died, from the article that began : "Post mortem поп-иконы Michael Jackson on past Thursday ...

After news we forced to sit and look the incredibly senseless Chinese telecasts that you would imagine 2 hours. Бррр!!

21: 30 We can, finally, to move again! Time to clean teeth, prepare to retreat etc.

22: 00 Time of retreat. I would like to say, "extinguish light", but remembered then, that they never, never, never, never turned off light in a chamber. Very bright fluorescent light operates on nerves 24 hours in twenty-four hours, so that I in the end slept with the strung eyes. I made a bandage out of sleeves of t-shirt. One of features of life in an insulator was that two men in every chamber had to be on duty during any time, when people sleep, including during a daily dream.

Night was divided into four changing for 2 hours, while the last changing was longer on 30 minutes. Every three nights we executed these duties, and then there was night of rest. This was much more hard system, than seems on the face of it.

Finally, there were not not tortures, not raping in the soul. Simply old kind psychological tortures of different family, and isolation from all. But I was glad that at least us it was a few in one chamber. Loneliness would be much worse.

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