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Prison Bautcen I: "yellow death".
05 Of march 2012

 Prison Bautcen I : kind from above.


Built at the beginning of 20 century, at once getting a nickname "Yellow trouble" from the yellow bricking of walls. In the days of nazis in 1933-1945 here seated the political opponents of the mode, including communists and social democrats. The known prisoner at this time was a general secretariat of communist party Germanium Ernst Telman, that was there in 1943-44, while was not in August 1944 delivered in the concentration camp of Buhenvald and kill on the direct order of Hitler and Himmler.

In 1945 prison was converted into a soviet relocation center. In the documents of Soviet military administration in Germany passed under the name "The Special camp №4". Mainly there were nazis, social democrats and "bourgeois element". From data of the German researchers, for this period 2700 persons perished in Bautcen.

Dead "persons were taken away from chambers and gave up in trucks, - Erdmann (German defender of rights, making numb there six years) writes. - After a supervisor poked in this heap a long stick with a sharp metallic tip, to make sure, that nobody tries to accomplish escape under the guise of dead person. Bodies took in a township in a neighborhood of Bautcen known under the name the Rabbit mountain, where gave up in a mine and from above fell asleep by a quicklime". (From the book of John Keller there are "Secrets of STASI").

The ration of prisoners in prisons of DDR was very scanty are twenty two ounces of brown bread and ounce of jam and fat. On dinner gave the litre of chowder almost. A potato was given only on Sundays. Busy on fags got additional fats and piece of sausage. Twice in the day of prisoners gave to drink black ersatz-coffee. In 1956 Ministry of state security, copying soviet experience, went on an innovation: from now on together with политзаключенными began to contain criminals, killers, robbers, thieves and sexual perverting. (the same source).

From 1950 to 1989 prison submitted to the department of prisons Ministries internal affairs of DDR. After 1956, when the last prisoners planted by Soviet Administration were exempt, in clink there are criminals-recidivists and convict to the protracted terms. However there continued to seat such политзеков, as " saboteurs", "agitators against the state", defectors etc.

From October, 1990 Bautcen is under the management of Ministry of justice of Saxony. Today this prison for convict to the protracted terms of conclusion.

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Former prison Mount Gambier, now hotel complex.
03 Of march 2012

Facade of present hotel "Old prison Mount Gambier". 


Proprietors Melissa and James (about that the guests of this hotel all as one answer warm) made a budgetary hotel out of former municipal prison, where ordinary numbers, and domestic, and general rooms, are for бэкпекеров. Prison in this place lasted 100 more than - from 1866 to 1995 here were the real prisoners, and numbers for guests are situated in former prison chambers.

Prison chapel, as well as a library, and living room, is done under the needs of travellers, and them here quite a bit: a small town Mount Gambier is located half-way between Adelaide and Melbourne, on a "ocean way", and famous the blue lake and national parks.

In the days of, when Australia was the mestome of serving of punishment of criminals, сдесь took place hard labour prison that was famous for the whole world hard attitude toward prisoners.


Former chamber of prison Mount Gambier, now hotel number. 


Those, who had though one time in life to get and remain on whole night in clink, think, hardly will agree to voluntarily basis to return there once again

But specially for those, whoever yet tested " happiness" to appear in clink, but night very thirsts to conduct there in one of hotels of Australia enterprising owners created all terms for this purpose. This building is old prison in Mount Gambier, that specially for travellers with a limit budget transformed in an accommodation.

For a very insignificant pay you will be able, to conduct whole night in a separate chamber, without the different fees of attorneys' and trials in a court. Taking into account that the guests of this very original hotel eat in a prison dining-room yet and, and sleep straight near a rest room their decision to live exactly in this hotel, it is possible to name a brave enough decision.

However it stops the enormous stream of tourists, that thirsts to feel in a role of the most real prisoner. And if suddenly you some time will occur to check, what there, on other side of grate, a favour we ask in a famous hotel "Old prison Mount Gambier". And кто-кто and she will not leave you to indifferent.


Former prison court of prison Mount Gambier, now hotel complex.

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The "Pekinese large house" is basic detention facility of Beijing.
29 Of february 2012


This history is writtenin according to a foreigner that conducted the last seven months in Pekinese detention facility number 1, that is named among prisoners, as the "Pekinese large house".

In this insulator life imprisonment or death penalty threatens other prisoners, and if I was Chinese, all would make off much worse for me.

It was boring there, but rules were strict.

Fortunately, foreigners are accommodated in a block together with "white neckwears", that certainly better, than killers, cannibals and rapists, accommodated in other blocks. Many of the Chinese with that I sat together were with higher education, and many were in high positions. A man former the richest man in China sat even - farther on a corridor.

A chamber was about 25 feet of х 15 feet, and in her contained from 12 to under 14 investigation. The about half of room was occupied " by a board", raised ground from a wall to the wall on that we sat in the day-time ​​and slept at night. A bathroom in a chamber consisted of rest room, faucet without a shell, and other faucet, higher, was for a shower. Wall between bath and chamber was transparent, that everybody could see what you occupy there. To it get used. Everyday life was monotonous, here time-table:

6: 30 Breakfast(dry milk and water, slice of bread, egg every two days).

7: 00 Cleaning up of chamber. I was appointed to take away John and bathroom from the first day, except me there was another man accountable for it, so that I cleaned him in a day, three times per a day.

7: 30 Seat on " a board". It is the basic type of activity in any Chinese clink, and we had to sit on verge of her during greater part of day. To lean too far forward or back, and even to lay a leg it was forbidden(especially, if a duty officer was мудак) on a leg. Only one of us at this time it was let to get up and move in a rest room, after water, to get a book, etc. Mainly, I stirred with other people or read a book. Sitting so, at first strongly injured a back, but then got used.

10: 30 Dinner! For the last three months of my conclusion the boiled potato was every day. One boiled vegetable was ordinary for most eating, the piece of beef relied one time per a month. Every dish also included the pair of slices of bread, and rice every two days. After dinner we had an about o'clock of spare time.

12: 00 Time of siesta is Chinese tradition!

13: 30 we Sit on " a board" yet during three hours. In addition, in the second half of day we were produced on a walk on 15 minutes in another small room with a large hole without glass highly in a wall. Id est you could see sky, and sometimes and a sun, but it even with stretching it was impossible to name going out of doors. In addition, we did exercises, going on a circle together with plenty of prisoners in a small apartment.

16: 30 Supper! Fat boiled cabbage or turnip.

On Mondays we got the small bowl of tomato soup Fridays with an egg. After dinner we had a 2 o'clock of spare time for taking a shower, that I used and for exercises. As a rule, these were an about 75 quetching(not all at once), exercises on a biceps both shoulders and squat, to prevent атрофирование feet. I did it approximately in 5 one time per a week. For making heavier we used the pair of trousers, filled with bottles with water. It was to very по-тюремному.

19: 00 Time to look official translation of state news on the channel, that it was much worse even official state news agency. "Means worse", that first 9 histories, as a rule, about that 9 топ-лидеров of central government did on this day, after 2 minutes of international news. In respect of other sources of news, by chance 3 got us or 4 sheets from a newspaper China Daily(in English) every week.

I knew that Michael Jackson had died, from the article that began : "Post mortem поп-иконы Michael Jackson on past Thursday ...

After news we forced to sit and look the incredibly senseless Chinese telecasts that you would imagine 2 hours. Бррр!!

21: 30 We can, finally, to move again! Time to clean teeth, prepare to retreat etc.

22: 00 Time of retreat. I would like to say, "extinguish light", but remembered then, that they never, never, never, never turned off light in a chamber. Very bright fluorescent light operates on nerves 24 hours in twenty-four hours, so that I in the end slept with the strung eyes. I made a bandage out of sleeves of t-shirt. One of features of life in an insulator was that two men in every chamber had to be on duty during any time, when people sleep, including during a daily dream.

Night was divided into four changing for 2 hours, while the last changing was longer on 30 minutes. Every three nights we executed these duties, and then there was night of rest. This was much more hard system, than seems on the face of it.

Finally, there were not not tortures, not raping in the soul. Simply old kind psychological tortures of different family, and isolation from all. But I was glad that at least us it was a few in one chamber. Loneliness would be much worse.

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"Vladimirsky Central".
28 Of february 2012

"Vladimirsky Central". Regime corps. 


"Vladimirsky Central" - one of the eldest and most known prison establishments of Russia. Arose up on Decree of Catherine the second at the end of the eighteenth century as a bettering house. Later, at цере Alexander second in 1906, was regenerate in "Temporal hard labour prison - Vladimirsky Central" and began to be used as a place of incarceration of extrahazardous and prisoners of state.

The first known prisoner was M.F. Frunze - future soviet военноначальник. At Soviet power becomes the special prison of state security. In 20th here were revolutionaries from a number anarchists, social democrats and эсеров, many influential clergymen.

In 40-50th the special place in history of prison is occupied by the "containing a number prisoners" contained in the mode of the special secrecy(single chambers). In their number, members of government of the Baltic states, Fnna Flilueva(sister of wife of Stalin Nadejda), Evgenia Flilueva(wife of their brother), son of Stalin is Vasiliy, visible German and Japanese military- chiefs? among them German field marshal Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist, that died during departure of term of punishment in 25 on the sentence of military commission of republic of Yugoslavia.

International legend of "Vladimirsky Central" is the American pilot spy Harry Pauers. His airplane was hammered together by a soviet rocket anti air defensive under Sverdlovsk of May, 1, 1960. He stayed in clink to February, 1962, while he was not exchanged for a soviet secret service agent Abel.

In "Vladimirsky Central" there were participants of правозащитного motion, convict for a dissidence, : Kronid Lubarski, Anatoliy Marchenko, Viktor Nekipelov, Uriy Daniel, Natan Charanski(future is a vice-prime of government of Israel), Vladimir Bukovski(in 1976 he was exchanged for the Secretary general of communist party of Chile Luis Korvalan).

The prisoners of "Vladimirsky Central" were such known personalities, convict on the article " terrorism", as singer Lidia Ruslanova, actress Zoya Andreeva. Here a writer Daniil Andreev wrote the famous "Rose of the world".

Presently "Vladimirsky Central" passed to the conduct of Ministry of Justice of Russia is the mestome of incarceration of especially dangerous criminals and malicious violators of the mode in penal colonies.

In 1997 at him a museum is created "History of Vladimirskiy prison". In two rooms different materials are accommodated from a local archive(photos, documents), personal things and hand-made articles of prisoners. As exhibits the results of their labour are also presented: boxing-gloves, soccer balls, telephone sets. In a corridor conducing to Museum, are standards of the prison painting : pictures, pictures, placards.


"Vladimirsky Central". Prisoners and administration of prison. 

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Detention facility of city Kriviy Rig among convict has the name "Wheel".
26 Of february 2012

Regime corps of prison "Wheel". 


Name "Wheel" got detention facility of city Kriviy Rig due to the features of the architecture : it from above look like a circle. Hardly someone from зеків saw "Wheel" from the height of bird flight. But many it seemed that an exit was not from this reserved circle. Somebody from them, getting in "Wheel", was not really able from him to go out.

Detention facility. Here feeling of guilt for that did, buried under the press of that do with you. Guilt dissolves in pain and fear before new pain. Here does not "violate human rights" and does not "humiliate human dignity". Правозахисники and advocates talk about such high matters, who they are for. But all of them on other side of грат. It does not exist on this side from such concepts. The habitants of prison mainly expect a decreet, id est not confessed by guilty.

That does not rescue them from superhuman punishments, sometimes up to a higher measure, a long ago anniented our humane state that stamps to Europe, as a хитромордий cat on a chain.

Here is only зеки and jailers. They wind the terms for different parties of грат. In most jailers these terms more than at a contingent. And quite a bit they were deserved it to a full degree...

Official statistics lies often. Statistics of amount those, who departs punishment and expects the sentence of court, wrongs. She does not take into account those, who, being at liberty, a term departs together with the native and goes along with them on all stages. It is relatives of criminals and innocently convict; relatives those, who the system took away the sentence in a court. Grief of convict and their near mostly silent. As a rule, to them it is not been in strength to lead to something, - not only prison but also system is arranged the reserved circle of wheel for us. Although all of them are witnesses one and all.

Witnesses for the prosecution.

Iryna, to have convict that was in detention facility of city Kriviy Rig : "As in any regional center, there is detention facility in our Kherson, where bring suspected and accused from all area. And here him it was gathered to break up, seems, through rains, emergency state, does not know exactly. A son told to me about it on an appointment as early as July, when I arrived on his birthday. Then I did not give it the special value. Said: to the son, for you already sentence on a nose, soon will be in a camp.

But with August розселення of habitants of detention facility of city Kherson was begun in the different corners of Ukraine. They were sent in Djankoy, Zaporijia, Mikolayv. And guys from Kahovka got to Kriviy Rig. A map lay down so already. Well here and began.

My son yet was in Kherson and periodically established connections. And here I hear first, that he in panic, asks: мамо, do anything. Because terrible cases about the first two stages, that got to Kriviy Rig, became known. About frightful beating, that a jaw was broken someone.

Tell, that on 20 arrive shoot out persons 60 in masks, defence, with sticks, електрошокерами. A chairman is not touched, beat on feet, back, kidneys, stomach. Worldly-wise, from these beatings for convict meat unstucked from bones. Then give up in a punishment cell, where outpour water with a chlorine.

Talk, in Kriviy Rig even to tomentous relation for convict not such, as everywhere, because there lawlessness, and it is well known about it...

In Kherson with a son in a chamber a boy sat on a nickname Acetone.

it is drug Addict?

- No, it is a nickname on the last name. A son said, that had been відправлено first on Kriviy Rig, and a chairman was there broken through him. I contacted with a mother Ацетона, that not alone day rode on криворізьких hospitals, searching a son. In one of them she him and found. The state of him was heavy, and it was her to remain in Kriviy Rig, to be alongside.

Here, my son asked to ring up all Kakhovka, if to report that on August, 25 to Kriviy Rig a bus will go with the parents of етапованих. Parents tried to protest under detention facility. To them produced some fellow, prisoner that said, that in them all all right...

There was there television. Indeed, then they almost gave nothing in ether - a plot was двохвилинний. And the materials given by the parents of етапованих the workers of television did not turn.

Then information began to spread, that people that arrived to Kriviy Rig are quite not parents of ув'язнених, and market tradeswomen that was hired for money. All was finished thereon...

When it was said me, that and my son got to Kriviy Rig, I ревіла, yelled, I had the real hysterics. In fact I know miraculously, that there are not such uglinesses in our Kherson area, as in Kriviy Rig. At 3,5, that my son conducted in detention facility of city Kherson, we had no claims against administration. And already comparatively with Kriviy Rig, they in general sat well, though slept in turn, as places failing. I assume that some nuances, probably, could be. But no misunderstanding, claims were not. Monthly I rode on an appointment with a son.

Nobody prevented me, and all my transmissions came to him. A son always spoke with me very blithely, calmly. The point is that to this life he adjusted already, I had seen never, that he was even in the low-spirited state, not only beaten. It always was in a kind humour.

In Kriviy Rig a son stayed 12 days. He was back sent then, by the stage on Kherson. When he went out with me on connection, I did not simply know him to voice. With a son an accomplice passed in business, for him to have Russian, and father negro. I then asked a son about a that fellow: rumours walked, that he was strongly beaten in Kriviy Rig. A son answered: "Мамо, we were closed and beat bluntly. So lasted three twenty-four hours, I пісяю blood".

- Who it did do, on his words?

are Soldiers in masks...

14 guys that went along with a son the stage were departed by the courts, and them must send back to Kriviy Rig. They were loaded in the covered machines and brought on the railway station. There must place in the special carriages and send on Kriviy Rig. The doors of the covered machine were just opened, they were cut. Among them there were two orphans to protect that in general to nobody...

- From whom directly did you get this information?

- From these guys. In fact not secret, that connection is with prison. And first heard about it from the mother of one of them.

- Why did they do so?

-, not to get to Kriviy Rig.

- were not They sent?

- No, they remained in Kherson, in a hospital...

on September, 21 people called by phone my husband, said, that rode in Kriviy Rig took away the dead body of convict, in 1962 of birth. Said, that kill. He from the village of Korobki, it for ten minutes of ride from Kahovka. Man did not even tell me about it, I knew only, that a ring was from Kriviy Rig, and saw that he is places to the soba does not find...

Afterwards I intermingled with native this convict - with a brother, mother. A brother said, that he was killed in Crooked Розі. on September, 21 they arrived to take away a body, did not allow перевдягнути him. They it is said that must pay 900 hryvnyas in detention facility in a morgue. Delete a certificate, that a sharp heart failure became reason of death. Home he was brought in a coffin. Relatives of fellow and present person on funerals assert that the dead convict had the bruises on all body, dissected lip, eyebrows, broken through head...

I every day phoned to Kriviy Rig. Finally, on Septembers, 24, it was reported me, that confirmation of sentence came to my son and he відправлено to one of colonies of the Kherson area. Since on 12 days a son disappeared. Can imagine to the soba my state, in fact I did not know all this time, that with him. I оббила all thresholds, searching him. Only imagine my horror.

Once in the evening in doors a not high man, father of one, called of those, with whom my son was in a chamber. A son asked to pass that with him all all right, and to collect warm things. I was surprised, because already passed to him everything for a camp: from shampoo, socks - to the warm things.

From Kriviy Rig a son arrived in some rubber-boot in that the convict walk to the bath-house, without socks, in sporting trousers and t-shirt. It appeared, herein he stayed all 12 days to the stage. Then the first colds stood exactly. In addition, for them took away all meal, cigarettes, tea, sugar. Five or six days they were not simply without a dry ration, but in general without the hunk of bread - on water.

Fifth October a son arrived in Kherson. He was sent in a colony, where he serves time now. He passed a quarantine, him it was already heaved up on detachment. Now I am more or less quiet for him. But there, in Kriviy Rig, there are living people above that mock similarly. A son it is said that can not sleep until now, screaming of woman that was beaten stand in ears. And yet he said: "Than anymore you there bustle about at liberty, the beat more boys. Commissions come on the ground, second floor. The chamber of an increase mode, chamber is never shown them 517 and 524 and those, who sits" there.

I have much information about that takes place. It is difficult to live with this pain. Connection is with prisons, it be common knowledge. Sometimes someone can call by phone me from guys somewhere in four morning. We talk a hour about all in the world, although I did not see this man never in life. Know the name and age only. And that in the morning will leave the stage".

Lyudmyla, to have one of ув'язнених in "Wheel", ready to promulgate the last name after taking away to the son of sentence : "Talk, all of it lasts in "Wheel" during years. That fear that we saw in the eyes of our children it is impossible to pass. A son until now does not tell to me everything, that was there, although a not alone month passed already. I see that this horror sits in him. Much there blue and black from beatings. Beating begin at once, just they arrive there. They are produced from machines and meet sticks".

С. is also ready to promulgate the last name after the pronouncement of sentence : "We were brought to Kriviy Rig by train, planted in the covered machines and drove to prison. When we arrived, soldiers in masks, with sticks повикидали us from machines and began to beat. Beat so much. Then closed people on punishment cells. A punishment cell is given to whom seven twenty-four hours, to whom eight or nine. And there every evening from ninth-tenth people too beat very in earnest. I saw people, in that there are the crippled feet, hands, somebody from them got in a hospital.

Why beat, incomprehensible. So prison accepts...

Already then, when me it was heaved up in a chamber, I knew, that so it takes place always for them. Talk, in that clink it is tradition.

- If does it really so take place always, then why about it began to talk only now?

- Simply before in them there were not such mass stages from other areas. Kakhovka returned the stage, that is why and information went about mass beating in Kriviy Rig. And convict from Kriviy Rig - they already got used to it all, live so. They are local, sit there constantly, they in general have nowhere to go.

- And why does beat, how you think?

-Ламають people, and all... In chambers, in chambers, where the arrested hold out, there are sportsmen...

are the So-called "persons that help administration"?

-Ну so, "persons that help administration", they already there beat people, can a chairman in a rest room to push in, compel to work, to wear away to someone something, although so doing is impossible. But if a man disagrees, they beat her, then again on a punishment cell. There already a valorous brigade that guards "Wheel" beats this man. It is a matter of course. Frightful things are created there.

- And true, that in celled to tomentous there otherwise relation, more loyal than in other places?

- It so.

Father of one of guys that cut to the soba veins, in order to avoid етапування in detention facility: "Son talks, 13 guys cut veins. I asked him, why he did it. He tells me: "Father, you do not present to the soba, that is created there. I simply want nothing to tell". He does not want, that we were nervous. After a cut only and told briefly.

And today detention facility under the name "Wheel" is such from the large number of prisons and detention facilities of Ukraine, where it is considered that the mode here найсуворіший after somewhere. And here and rights for convict here continue to violate ... 


Chambers are for holding of convict of prison "Wheel". 

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Solikamsk prison "The White swan".
24 Of february 2012

Building of single apartment of chamber type and boxing for the walk of convict. 


A colony is the "White swan", being in the Perm edge (Solikamsk), dethroned a myth about beautiful and free thievish life in the places of imprisonment. Here broke ten, hundreds of thief-in-laws. Today in these walls there is one of the Russian "lifelong" zones, and also colony of the strict and special mode. 

In January, 2008 famous colony the "White swan", and also other colonies that in 1938 was included in composition in the managements of Usolsk of camps, 70 marked a summer anniversary. Swan song of thief Colony the "White swan" exists from 1938 and is not far from the city of Solikamsk. At first here were only prisoners of state, mainly clergymen. In 1955 "political" translated in the colony located in Мordovia, and the "White swan" became a criminal zone.

The famous "single apartment of chamber type" was here created in 1980, where ordered to сorrection of "thief-in-laws" from all Soviet Union. The about 4,5 thousand convict got through the "single apartment of chamber type". 130 "legalists" laid" down crowns in his walls. Exactly in the "White swan" a legendary " legalist"  made off the days Vasia Diamond. Strictly speaking, an all-russian fame the "White swan" purchased because in his walls "pressed" many known recidivists. 

There are a few versions, where so magnificent name of colony appeared from. And all of them have a right on existence. All versions are related to the "thief-in-laws" and prison romanticism. Here two basic from them. In a colony all building is built from a white brick, the walls of that, allegedly, the wings of white swan symbolize. Second variant. On the known legend, if a swan lost sweet one, then sentenced itself to loneliness or to death. Doing a few circles in sky above the dead beloved, he headily fell downward a head and broke against earth.

Some thieves considered therefore, that in these walls they will find the last moorage, will sing the swan song.

However, from those, not such old times, a great deal changed here. Today similar contingent of prisoners specially does not collect here. In a colony persons convict for especially severe crimes serve time: killers, rapists, members of the gangster forming, leaders of the organized criminal groupments. For sentenced to life imprisonment the zone of particular treatment is created. 

The sentenced to life imprisonment take place just in the apartment of "single apartment of chamber type", where before "pressed" "thief-in-laws". Presently sentenced to life imprisonment 295 persons are counted. All of them accomplished serious crimes: androlepcy, theft of people, made to order murders et cetera. On statistics, that, as is generally known, knows everything, on each for the term of life convict on the average is for three ruined souls.

After serving of the first ten years of conclusion sentenced to life imprisonment translated from strict terms in the facilitated terms of maintenance. They already can be seen with relatives, get parcels and letters from will. In the chambers of the "White swan" the convict for the term of life sit on one, two by two and three persons. Administration, studying the "state of the soul" of prisoners, расселяет them, coming from psychological compatibility. A conclusion on this occasion gives professional psychologist.

On Fridays prisoners take a shower, promenade every day at will of them, that lasts one hour. An excursion court is the same chambers only located higher by a floor, on a roof. There light, coolly and freshly. To work as sentenced to life imprisonment does not settle, they constantly are in sign of employees of establishment. It is impossible to them and to study without seeing in educational establishments. With permission administration they can only engage in a self-education.

Among for the term of life convict there are the figures known in the criminal world. For example, sensational the cruel murders Izhevsk criminal organization. Gangsters killed ten of persons brutally. Here Salman Raduev sat the known terrorist from Chechnia and field commander. In 2002 he died from illness, just in the walls of this prison. The heavy wounds in a head, got during the battle operating on Caucasus, became main reason of death.

We will remind that in Germany of Raduev several times produced difficult surgical operations assembled in the skull of plate from very durable titan. Leaders of the gangster Chechnia forming are here and now.

It is possible to say without overstatements the most malicious gangsters of Russia are contained in a penal colony number 2. Here they are sent unby chance: here still very strict mode, and a colony is far from cities. Some prisoners do not maintain the heavy terms of maintenance. When sentenced to life imprisonment dies, this very day telegraph notification leaves to his relatives.

If during three days they do not take away a body or does not confirm a telephone message, that will bury a prisoner, then a deceased is buried on a municipal cemetery. After "a public" burial relatives can to bury again a body on a motherland.

On territory of colony a workshop operates on the production of furniture. Some prisoners only here mastered the first profession and first got work. Many for the past years became the real masters. The special workshop-basement functions here, where the real specialists work. In this group people get unby chance. It celled, apt to escape. Therefore their workshop is actually in basement, under a vigilant guard. On the other hand, exactly the potential apt to escape was trust the most creative work.

That she completely took in their consciousness and distracted from every sort "of nonsenses". The here celled masterly cut out amusing souvenirs and articles of way of life from a softwood. Chess, wooden spoons, boards, three-high small boxes, figurines of animals, all of it can be seen on work benches. And, certainly, symbol of penal colony number 2 is a white swan as support for napkins.

There are a few hothouses on territory of the Solikamsk colony. In a colony there is a library more than five thousand books are counted in that. There is the little orthodoxy church built by the hands of convict.

But nevertheless the "White swan" is a colony special and strictly mode. Therefore around powerful barrages, fences, barbed wire. For all the time, while there is a colony, not a single case of successful escape here did not happen. The most impertinent attempt of escape was undertaken in 1992. Then convict Chafranov armed with a grenade got to the cabinet of chief of single apartment of chamber type. He demanded to free the friend from a lone person, give a motor transport and settle free departure from a zone. An invader was blocked, and then destroyed.

One officer of detachment of the special setting of Ministry of internal affairs of Russia perished thus. After this emergency incident of safety measure in the "White swan" increased. It is considered that today from a colony, running is simply impossible. The guard of zone has more than one hundred well train dogs, спецтехнику. The chambers of track after living and lifeless objects are located on all perimeter of colony.

And last, in respect of "authoritative" convict. In a colony until now "thief-in-laws" depart punishment the terms. A bit of them remained is about ten. And in general, presently for establishment punishment leaves 2139 prisoners, from them 295 persons - for the term of life. 

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Old Japanese-Russian prison is in Jiguanchen.
23 Of february 2012

Included in Russian-Japanese prison in Jiguanchen, that presently is a museum. 


Old Japanese-Russian prison is located in Jiguanchen (Mountain of cockscomb) not far from a city Dalian. Today it is main sight in Dalian. Partly built in 1902, when Russians occupied the north-eastern Chinese city, building of prison ceased later, when Russia lost war to Japaneses. 85 prison chambers and head office were built by that time. Old prison served as Russian горнизона cavalry and field hospital.

In future, 253 prison chambers, four secret rooms, some rooms for prisoners-invalids and 15 factories, were created . Japanese-Russian Prison is the greatest prison in north-eastern China at the beginning of the twentieth century.

In this clink the enormous amount of the Chinese people and revolutionaries was cruelly tortured and kill Japaneses. Here, executed more than 700 persons, between 1942 and 1945. Before completion of war the Japanese army accomplished a cruel carnage and destroyed all prison files that contained documents and records of crimes. From the seventiess of the last century the Chinese people asked local authorities to undertake a study and collect all material, information and possible prison documents of this time. Afterwards, the exhibitions of memory were here conducted .

Today former Japanese - Russian prison, is Museum, where to be kept archive of documents dated between 1894 and 1945 for years, including photos, inscriptions, articles, and other the documents that testify to the crimes of that time.

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Parisian prison la Santé.
22 Of february 2012


Parisian prison la Santé.


Civilized Europe also can " brag" of the cruel prison - La Sante, only, is situated in Paris, by the way, in the capital.

As a result prisoners are in such state, that ready to swallow rat poison, fight a head at a wall, there are forks only to stop the stay there, doing away with life. If in 1999 in all California did away with itself 24 men from 160 thousand prisoners, then 124 men appeared in French clink of suicides. About horrors of La Sante in a flow 7 told in the diaries of Veronika Vassere being there as a main doctor.

In clink chambers are overcrowded, souls it is settled to accept more not often two one time per a week, foods of subzero quality. All of it generates the invasion of lice and skin diseases. There are here so many rats, that prisoners force to suspend the things to ceiling.

One of the eldest French prisons of La Sante was open in 1867. Her architect was Emile Vaudremer. At the beginning of the Second Empire, in France 45 prisons were counted by a general capaciousness in 15 thousand chambers, and 15 other in the process of building. The minister for economy of Napoleon III Persine for an economy recommended departments no longer to build prisons of chamber type. Санте was built actually despite this order. New prison got the form of trapezoid and had 1400 chambers.

At that time France and USA occupied front-rank positions on prison business, moving up farther than all in the decision of problem of total control pastime of prisoner. This type of prison isolation was then named "Pennsylvanian", because came from principle of the centralized watching criminals, here the location of chambers had a radial form. 

For history of prison her walls were visited by quite a bit possessors of the famous names, including Paul Verlene and Giem Apolinnere. In addition, there, in obedience to the libretto of musical "Cathedral of parisian Mother" of God, there was Esmeralda(that, indeed, in any way does not comport with the original source of Gugeau). Exactly there life imprisonment departs the known international terrorist Carlos. The son of president-socialist Jan met Christmas in one of lone persons - Kristof Mitterrand.

In "VIP-zona" of prison some time " the Russian businessman had" a rest Gave life, that is accused of organization of encroaching upon the Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleev. Four months the former employee of British counter-intelligence David Cheyler conducted there.

In 2001 as a book a diary, that during seven years of stay Veronika Vassere, causing giant scandal, conducted on the post of главврача of one of parisian prisons, was published. Vasere was so not able to get used to that the basic task of prison office workers is non-admission of theft from the side of prisoners of poison for rats, forks and means for de-rusting. But exactly through similar " instruments" only for 1999 in clink 124 prisoners were finished life by suicide.

Public resonance that was caused by the publication of diary compelled to confess the minister of justice of France Elizabet Gues, that "position in most prisons unworthily such country, as our". Horror and indignation of Vasser caused the overcrowded(sometimes containing аж on four prisoners) chambers, possibility to take a shower more not often two one time per a week, humiliating attitude toward prisoners and their visitors from the side of prison office workers.

It is wild to hear that in parisian clink of rat are so widespread phenomenon, that prisoners even have to hold belonging in the paper bags suspended to ceiling, to protect them from omnivorous rodents.

Veronika Vasere was to practise as early as one not quite usual employment - skin pathology appearing once at a few ten of prisoners nonplused her by the etiology. Too seemed unbelievable to her circumstance that she sees a disease that did not meet to most doctors of France after completion of the second world war and that is caused by the use in food of rotten foods personally.

After the publication of diary of Vaser in prison first it admits the group of journalists. The aim of this двухчасовой excursion was to convince the visitors of that Vasere some exaggerated and fully ignored positive changes that happened in this clink in latter days. For example, causing of new paint on the walls of chambers, that were saturated with blood of prisoners depriving itself to life as a result of the hours-long beating a head at a wall.

Actually Vasere only described that saw own eyes. For example, history of prisoner that for her on eyes offered resistance to the guards, and in two weeks entered to her infirmary in the extremely water-free state. Вероника supposes that осатаневшие guards simply recovered access of water to him in a chamber. And proofs of raping of 21-years-old fellow that was chambered to two incorrigible recidivists with the sharp form of AIDS, it is not too for her. Indeed, this fellow has AIDS now.

Alan Jegeau, manager by this prison, extremely indignant at the published diary. Acknowledges though, that there really are cases of violence and mockeries in jurisdiction to him establishment.



 Central included in prison la Santé.


Quite another impressions remained from prison at Mihail Jivilo. From his interview to the newspaper " Lists" 17.05.01 on an exit from prison:

- to Describe my stay in French clink unsimply. I saw that there are people in Russian prisons. Here they live valuably. All necessary terms are created, beginning from the French kitchen taking into account religious limitations, television in a chamber with 10 channels("Eurosport" is), possibilities to write any press and ending possibility to visit different courses - a language, computer and т. of п. And, certainly, of visit native.

One Russian, that here got first, but was in other French prisons, marked with grief, that his one-room apartment, where he lives with a wife and two children, had less comforts, than present chamber.

I do not embellish local prison life, but terms really human. And however prison is prison, and it is felt on the mood of many local old-timers. Two words about relations between " holiday-makers" in this "Palace of health". In our presentation prison is this violence. Here - there is not the least hint. Relations fully friendly, even if you do not know French. It was permitted me on short appointments with family members and, certainly, unlimited access to my advocates.

On June, 7, 2001 demonstration of prison supervisors of Санте passed in Paris. Policemen applied tear gas and clubs for the acceleration of a few ten of office workers requiring to improve the terms of labour. They tipped over garbage tanks and burned motor-car overlays, and entered into a fight with an attacking police. 


on December, 26, 2000 from la Santé a serial killer made an effort run. 38-years-old Gui Gorge, that expected a court on a charge of seven raping and murders, accomplished in Paris between 1991 and 1997 for years, made an effort run from prison together with two other prisoners. Prisoners that was contained in lone chambers-persons перепилили grates on the windows of the chambers and tried to get out from building, but first, who appeared in the court of prison, was grasped by a guard. Remaining two, one of that was Gui Жорж, did not have time even to get out.

Prisoners were again placed in chambers under an increase guard.

on Augusts, 22, 2002 from prison it was succeeded to hurry to the basque terrorist from organization ETA Ismail Berasetegy Escudero. Thus he did not a single flounce, simply got up, said goodbye to the guard in the corridor of hall of appointments and left to continue the business, and instead of him in a chamber returned while away time in the company of prominent prisoners his cadet as like as two peas look like Ismail.

Supervisors knew about the fact of substitution only in five days and hammered in an alarm. And that, about a forgery a cadet told honestly. Why administration of prison did not notice a substitution in the moment of meeting of two brothers, remains only to guess. By the way, from 1983 of apartment for appointments in clink la Santé are rooms measuring 4 on 2 meters, without a dividing partition between a prisoner and visitor, and meeting pass without guards.

Control is conducted in a corridor, prisoners are marked before an appointment sympathetic inks, that, however, it can either bring with itself or wipe.

Ismail Berasetegy Escudero  was detained in May, 2002 in France in accordance with an international warrant. He is considered one of leaders of diversionary group "The Horse head", that is accountable for numerous explosions in Spain. From data of Department of corrections of France, from 1998 in the series of escapes with a substitution the present was fourth, but it was nevertheless first similar family escape from la Santé and first escape of basque terrorist. 


Prison la Santé, surrounded by municipal building. 

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Zhytomyr "eight".
20 Of february 2012


Zhytomyr prison in city boundaries. Kind from a south-east side.


Zhytomyr prison is known for that for almost age-old history from her not a single escape was accomplished. And, apparently, not by chance, on territory of famous "eight" today there is one of the greatest on Ukraine sectors for sentenced to capital punishment. Exactly the life term and bloody maniac Onoprienko depart here, on the account of that ten of the ruined souls.


The ancient Ukrainian city Zhytomyr arose up more than thousand years back on rocky ripas Тетерев, wherein Polesye is replaced by forest-steppe and where later a border passed between Orthodox Ukraine and catholic Poland. Quite a bit historical storms were to outlive to this city, and, as it is often, part of his history, as in a mirror, was reflected in history of his prison.


Part of present street Ватутина in Zhytomyr(from the Kyiv street to the turn westward) was before named Hippodrome. Name Hippodrome is explained by that on this street in the end XIX and at the beginning ХХ of century was hippodrome on that the elite of the Volhynia province gathered to look at gallops. On a hippodrome gallops were conducted not only. He was used and as the air field on that the legendary first airmen of Nesterov carried out flights, yefimov, Vasiliev, Utochkin et al.

At the beginning the XX century old Zhytomyr prison in the former monastic cells of the Jesuitic monastery in the center of city on the Lock mountain became close, and decided to build new prison on the left ripa Тетерев near the Berdychiv bridge(in place of present Тетеревских and Highway side-streets). Street of Leo Tolstoy, that conduced to this place, even built then, in the beginning named the Prison street.

But apparently at the supreme moment municipal head of Flexander Davidovskiy remembered that was in city more suitable place is a hippodrome. And can, governor a baron Chtachelberg Flor Aleksandrovich did not simply love a rapid ride, especially gallops, and aviation the more, and accepted a wise move - to close a hippodrome, and in his place to build prison. By the way, and the present Zhytomyr governors and mayors love all old to take and in them place build something a new.

Prison in place of former hippodrome began to build in 1907. For building a place was not very successful is a former bog. It was under building to hammer in piles from bog oak. On the other hand hampered miriness of locality to the prisoners to dig undermining for the feasance of escapes. 


Building was built on the so-called project of empress Catherine - from above it looks as a letter of  "Е". Then, when building became overgrown with completions, former tsar's инициал looked from above like the capital letter of city in transcription of the Slavic alphabet - "Ж". Made off building of new prison in 1914, where she is now.


Ruins of old prison in city Zhytomyr 1914 to. 


229 chambers, that were intended for serving of imprisonment and of maintenance transit, following on the stage in places farther, were counted in clink. Zhytomyr prison was one of most strict in tsar's Russia. As far as the transition of power from one hands the contingent of prison changed in other.

Besides criminals her chambers were visited by rebels-students and losing dignity priests, red commissars and white officers, subjected to repression in different years by soviet power on political reasons. According to the archived data, in 30th in the apartments of prison carried out shooting sentences.


In time before the second world war and to occupation Zhytomyr prison behaved the German fascists to the department of the Folk commissariat of internal affairs.

To our days history reached about prison of those years. Without regard to the swift offensive of the German troops, administration of prison, in advance evacuating prisoners, neatly cleaned and washed down all regime apartments of prison and, leaving the keys from all chambers and apartments on a table in duty part, evacuated hastily, causing no harm to property and building. In November, 1943 broken in the district of Kyiv the German troops hastily retreated westward.

Not looking, on катастрофичесое position and swift offensive of Red Army, Germans acted just as well as former soviet administration of prison, they cleaned apartments and just left the keys from apartments on a the same place, where he was left by the совесткие guards of prison. 


Today this ancient prison is officially named Zhytomyr establishment of execution of punishment of maximal strength(№ 8) security. Former outskirts of -теперь are the densely populated dwelling district, so that " eight" now on several hundred meters is moved from a street Ватутина in the array of ordinary old concrete building, наываемых in people for the last names of former soviet leader - Khrushchev.


From official data, from Zhytomyr prison not a single escape really was accomplished. The last unsuccessful attempt, it is talked, was undertaken at the end of 70th. A few convict climbed over through some fence, but... appeared again on territories of prison, where they at once were accepted "in hard cuddles" by guards.

Now in complete accordance with status of "establishment with maximal strength security" prison is the mestome of maintenance of the most dangerous killers sentenced to life imprisonment. Today here are about 200 sentenced to capital punishment. Among them are criminal authorities, serial maniacs and педофилы, notorious Zhytomyr cannibals, former sale militiamen and lawyers. Almost at all on an account for a few murders.


Regime corps of Zhytomyr prison for maintenance sentenced to life imprisonment.


On a 1 th floor there is a separation in that accept new convict(8 boxing) and during twenty-four hours distribute on chambers. A quarantine zone is there envisaged, where newly arrived a few weeks are for an exposure for them infectious and other illnesses. Contain all separately: minor, women, men, earlier not judge and those, who already departed punishment before.


Zhytomyr prison is well-known in neighbourhood the large list of the made products. In the workshops of industrial zone prisoners produce the great number of necessary in a municipal economy things : sidewalk tile, sections of дли of reinforce-concrete fences, containers for hard wastes, parapets, peaks, and also products of metal-workingness : safes, grates, garage gate and gates in a fence, металлопластиковые windows and other great deal. Зеки work honestly, the products " of eight" are quickly bought up therefore.

Exactly here first in Ukraine on works began to destroy and sentenced to life imprisonment. So that getting a higher measure punishments here pay it containingние. Chambers of пожизненников are in the separate wing of the first floor of building.

The mode of day is standard. At 6 o'clock of morning постовой declares getting up, at 22 o'clock - retreat. One hour in a day a walk is envisaged on fresh air in courts by an area about 25 square meters, equipped by horizontal bars and squared beams. The half-year for the term of life convict is settle an appointment with native: through glass and by phone, as in the American films.

A bath-house, shop, room of the psychological unloading, initial school and small chapel, equipped on the European standards, operate for the corporal and spiritual needs of all prisoners. One time per a week prison is visited by the Orthodox priest that baptizes appealings to God of зеков.

There is even the televisional studio. And in a sector for lifer practically in every chamber television is set with 38 cable channels.

Every day a librarian brings in chambers to sentenced to life imprisonment book, newspapers and magazines. Prisoners get three meal per day. He is fix 600 grammes of brown bread or 510 the wheat II sort, 80 grammes of groats, 20 - macaronis, 40 - meat, 30 - adiposes, 15 - sunflower-seed oil. For working a norm of feed is more: 30 grammes of sugar and 100 grammes of meat are additional. For tubercular patients there is a separate dietary feed, including cheese, eggs, vegetables, potato, sour cream, milk, curd and other.

A separate feed is envisaged for the persons injured from an accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power station. In most cases пожизненники depart punishment in pairs. Indeed, there are exceptions. To sit together with a serial murderer anatoliy Onoprienko other killers refuse categorically. Therefore the eternal term this villain leaves for a single chamber. On the account of Onoprienko at least 52 murders, perfect to them from 1989 to 1996 on territory of Ukraine. There are kill many very young children and babies in a number.

Interest of mass medias in this man is enormous. Here, indeed, Onoprienko journalists bothered terrible, and if before he gave to the interview, requiring the stick of sausage or box of candies for it, then now to intermingle with the press he in general refuses categorically. For the years conducted in clink, he never asked a local priest about confession and prayed never. Him nobody calls on and does not write letters to him.

Now Zhytomyr prison in the stage of reforms that is caused by changes in the legislation of Ukraine and universal гумманизацией societies, but however continues to carry out the basic functions, for the sake of what was постороена hundred years back. 


Regime corps of Zhytomyr prison for maintenance of persons that is instituted criminal proceedings against. 


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Alcatraz is prison it is impossible to run from that.
19 Of february 2012

Prison " Alcatraz". Kind from the side of the Pacific ocean on a bay San Francisco. 


Territory of island at first was used as protective fort, later as military prison, and then as the superprotected prison for especially dangerous criminals and those, who accomplished the attempts of escape from the previous places of confinement.

Prison is disembodied presently, an island is converted into a museum, where a ferry walks from San Francisco.

Opening of gold in California drove to the San Francisco of thousand courts bay. Because of "gold-fever" there was a necessity for defence of bay.

In 1850 on an island began to build fort, where more than 110 long-range instruments were set.

A location in the middle of bay with icy water and marine swashes provided the isolation of island. Due to it Alcatraz was examined by the army of the USA as an ideal place for maintenance of prisoners of war.

In 1861 on an island the first prisoners of war began to arrive. Alcatraz was the first army prison of the protracted maintenance and conquered reputation of place, differing in a strictness to the violators that ran into severe disciplinary measures.

Punishment could be assigning for fags, apartment in a single insulator with a limit ration from bread and water, and this a list was not limited to. 

Middle age of the celled servicemen was 24, and majority served time conclusion for desertion or less serious violations. Were and those, who served time for insubordination to the commanders, physical violence, stealing or murder.

The maiden attempts of escapes were then accomplished already. In spite of all efforts, nobody was so not able to escape: most fugitives did not succeed to get to the bank and it was necessary to countermarch, to be saved from icy water. Those, whoever returned, perished from supercooling.

Later on an island it was decided to do civil prison. Alcatraz satisfied to the basic requirements: to place dangerous criminals far from society on an unapproachable rock. At the reconstruction of prison left to untouched only foundation, and self building was fully reconstructed. To the reconstruction of grate and twigs were wooden - they were substituted by steel.

Electricity was conducted in every chamber, and all official tunnels were wall-up, to eliminate possibility of penetration in them prisoners for shelter and further escape.

On the perimeter of the Prison corps the special gun galleries that allowed to the guards to be on a watch were higher than chambers placed, being the protected steel twigs.

A prison dining-room, as most vulnerable for fights and brawls place, was equipped by capacities with tear gas, that were situated in ceiling and managed remotedly.


Island and priso "Alcatraz". Kind from above.

The towers of the armed guard were placed on the perimeter of all island. 

Doors were equipped by electric sensors.

Introduction of new safety measures, together with cold waters of the San Francisco bay, created a reliable barrier even to the most incorrigible criminals.

Every prisoner had only an own chamber and minimum rights on the receipt of food, water, clothing, medical and stomatologic help.

In Alcatraz it was forbidden prisoners to have some personal things. Taking title on intermingling with visitors, visits of prison library and letter, a prisoner had to deserve labour and blameless behavior.

Thus to prison works prisoners were shut out with an ill-use.

For the least fault a prisoner was deprived all rights.

Any mass medias were forbidden, including reading of newspapers. All letters, as well as in any other clink, were checked up by a prison official.

There were not only gangsters and especially dangerous criminals in Alcatraz. He was filled with prisoners from other prisons, by fugitives and rebels or those, who violated the mode of maintenance systematic. 

Prison life was monotonous. The main corridor of prison corps prisoners named "Broadway", and chambers on the second tier along this passage-way were most desirable in clink.

Other chambers were situated down, were cold, and a personnel and prisoners went often by them.

In the early years of work Alcatraz supported politics of complete silense - prisoners had always to be quiet, that many prisoners considered the most unbearable punishment. Rumors walked, that a few prisoners went bughouse from this rule. Politics of silense was abolished later. 

There were single chambers of insulators in an east wing. In them there was not even a valuable rest room: simply hole weathering of that was managed by a guard. In an insulator placed without an outerwear and on a scanty ration.

One of regime corps of prison " Alcatraz". 

Usually in an insulator placed the violators of order on 1-2 days. It was cold in a chamber, and a mattress was given out only for the night. In the door of chamber there was the closed narrow crack for the transmission of food that always was closed, abandoning a prisoner in complete darkness, so that a man stopped to feel time.

To get in an insulator was the most strict punishment for serious violations and ill-use, and this punishment all prisoners, even incorrigible criminals, were afraid of.

In 1963 prison on Alcatraz was closed.

It was done from too large charges on maintenance of prisoners on an island, because everything regularly had to be left from a mainland. And prison required repair on the tremendous amount of money. 

In 1973 an island was opened for tourists, and now he is annually visited by about million tourists. For persons interested to feel on an own hide, as awfully to get in prison, there is the special " attraction" - tourists are locked in a chamber. Even in pretence it very-very TERRIBLE!

Alcatraz is legendary prison, symbol of "impossibility of escape". Because for 29 of exploitation of prison not a single successful escape was accomplished! Thirty four prisoners were organized by 14 attempts of escape, two tried to hurry twice; seven shot down, two drowned, five пропали without a new, other it was succeeded to grasp and return back for a grate.

On December, 16 1937 are Two prisoners Theodore Koul and Ralph Роу, working in a workshop on treatment of iron, by means of being there instruments took off a grate from a window and moved to water. But did not drive them, in that day a severe storm broke out and, probably, they drowned, so not swimming to the bank of San Francisco.

Their bodies were not found and most people suppose that carried away them a gale in a high sea. They are considered without a new disappearing.

On September, 15, 1941 during cleaning up of territory John Balles made an effort run. He successfully got to water, but far from an island not able to sail. Icy water вынудила him to return on an island. 

On July, 31 1945 - one of the most inventive attempts of escape. John Jayls worked in prison laundry in that wore away, besides prison things, army form. Джайлсу succeeded to steal the complete set of form, and he, changed clothes, went out from prison sure that already at liberty. 

The plan of him consisted of that, to leave on dinner with " colleagues" in San Francisco, and there to hide.

However drove him: on this day servicemen had dinner on an island Anjel, but not in San Francisco, as he supposed. In addition, his absence in clink was quickly remarked on. Therefore as soon as Джайлс appeared on an island Аnjel, he was grasped and back sent in Аlcatraz.

The known attempt of escape was accomplished by Frank by Morris and brothers by John and Clarence Engl. These three hurried from the chambers of June, 11, 1962, working out one of the most acute plans of escape.

After chambers in a prison corps there was an unprotected official tunnel breadthways near one meter. Frank Maurice with the brothers of Engl in turn picked out pieces from the concrete damaged by moisture, to get to the official tunnel.

They used for this aim the home-made drill, made out of the metallic spoon, soldered by silver from a tencent coin with the motor stolen from a vacuum cleaner.

Noise from a drill was disguised by playing during a hour music. When a hole in a wall was ready, trinity erected in the beds of doll, that their absence was not found out guards in advance.

When all was ready, fugitives got through a hole and pawned her from within by bricks. Farther they got through on a roof and got down to water on a water-shoot.

There, on beforehand made to the raft from rubber cloaks, they sailed from a bank. More credible than all fugitives did not swim to the bank, vanishing somewhere in cold waters of bay. They are considered officially without a new disappearing.

Versions on that Morris and Engl they could get to the bank to hide are described in the different articles, adventure films and books. But enough to visit on very tall island-rock of Аlkatraz, to look downward at the sharp ledges of rocks with a surf - and becomes clear that however Аlcatraz is "prison without chances on escape".


Ordinary chambe of prison " Alcatraz".

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Capital prison Leoben.
18 Of february 2012


Center of justice and regime corps of prison Leoben. Kind from a speed highway.


Probably, it is possible to name capital prison Leoben, that is located in the of the same name suburb of Viena, the masterpiece of creation of prison architecture, along a speed highway, more precisely, his combination with the office of public prosecutor and court under the general name "Center Justices". It the enormous complex, executed from steel constructions, concrete and glass, reminds a chic hotel rather, thus not only by appearance. Architects used in a project two principles: "No palace of justice after fortress walls.

Modern and open for visits place, where prisoners are maximally close to the terms of work and spare провождения time eliminating additional measures on a rehabilitation after liberation". Spacious chambers on one man, enormous, in all wall of window, true, taken away by metallic grates, but painted the same as and sex, walls and ceiling, and even the barbed wire non-load-bearing a prison complex on a perimeter, in a white color.

Chambers are incorporated in blocks for 15 rooms, in each there is the мини-кухня that serves not so much for preparation of food, how many by a club for a commonunication between prisoners. In addition is an enormous hall with an exit on a loggia, sanitary zone.

In a chamber is a bed, stand with an electro-tea-pot, table, chair, two shelves, on a wall bracket television. A room for appointments brings the romantic impressions on too. Two-seater bed, dinner-table crowned by a vase with colors, two chairs, stand. The interiors of corridors also suggest an idea about a hotel. Furniture is executed in accordance with a modern design from a skin, plastic and tree and painted in quiet tones - pink, blue and green.

To services of prisoners trainer and sporting (for playing football and basket-ball) halls, and also tables for table tennis, taken away in a court for walks, above that too specialists did some work on a landscape. Plus to it quite good library, medical service and possibility to associate with a psychologist. Only, what to date the celled moslems are dissatisfied, so it that they are deprived possibility to meet with an imam.

A menu can show oneself exotic even for an ordinary man. Upon breakfast porridge on milk, sandwiches depends with sausages and копченостями, omelet with a ham, famous липтовский cheese is mixture of brynza, oils with a red and black pepper that is spread on bread. Certainly, juices, tea, coffee and rolls.

On dinner and that steeper. For example, on the first is soup from a beef or with hepatic кнедлями, on the second are the egg-plants stuffed by meat and vegetables, or dumplings (with шпиком, potato, porous, oily), ham baked with a noodle. Upon a dessert the famous Viennese pastry wares or, for example, apple-pie depend usually.

All photos of "Center of justice" and regime corps of prison Leoben can be seen on this reference


Facade of building of "Center of justice" of prison Leoben. 

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Hard labour prison Port Arthur on an island Tasmania.
17 Of february 2012

Port Arthur. Stair march from a mooring pier to the regime corps of hard labour prison. 


The British colonists stepped on earth of Tasmania in 1802. Convicts prevailed among new settlers. Their previous mestome of conclusion was ominous prison on an island Norfolk.

Authorities wanted somehow to use territory of Tasmania, and she was confessed by the most suitable mestome for criminals, leaving punishment.

In XIX englishmen take up creation of ideal hard labour. Certainly, for her an unapproachable place is needed. The Tasmanian peninsula from this point of view befitted blamelessly. This scrap of dry spell, by an only narrow strake connected with basic earth, became the cemetery of all hopes on escape.

In 1830 model prison - Port-Arthur grows here. Such name was given to the complex in honour a governor - initiator of building of bettering house. This was the greatest on sizes lithoidal building in Australia.

Over two thousand prisoners worked here for the good of Britain: did furniture, sewed a clothing, shoe, made small ships. Terms of life were more or less tolerable. Chambers - spacious enough, a feed too is fully normal. There was even a little library on the third floor. Territory was patrolled by soldiers with house-dogs, that is why to stop an attempt it was easily to escape.


Port Arthur. Disciplinary block of hard labour prison. 


Even if did someone succeed to abandon territory of colony, that waited " a lucky person" after her limits? A prospect of pitiful existence is in ominous тасманийских thickets, next to pointing horror a marsupial wolf, especially attracted nobody. Most criminals were by birth from the poorest quarters of cities of Great Britain. After the protracted trip to Australia an ocean suggested fear to them.

Able to float only not many, water here even in summer very cold, and guards did not get tired to spread rumours about terrible sharks inhabiting a bay round prison. One of prisoners the of genius idea of escape occurred. He found the dead body of kangaroo, took off a hide from it, put on her and, waiting till the pore of twilights, began to jump through the guarded area right in front of nose at a patrol. A criminal thought that a guard would simply take no notice on him.

Escape was almost succeeded. But, unfortunately, fresh meat wanted patrolling on a supper. Fugitive, seeing that in him aim from a gun, heaved up hands confessed that he is a not kangaroo, and man. Him, naturally, grasped.

At first criminals were cut by a lash, but it was then decided to pass to more " humane" method of punishment. Solitary confinement that many did not simply maintain and lost reason became him. The prison system could be proud of the most successful creation.

Gradually Port-Arthur grows into the real city of prisoners. A peninsula was broken on the some carefully guarded sectors. Here was a place for a temple, mail, hospital, apartment for a guard, perfectly fortified residence of commandant, farms, port and of island dead, id est cemeteries. To the church the people of any religion were admitted.

During sermons prisoners sat on the places specially equipped so that a free commonunication was impossible. All this system perfectly functioned and then, when delivery of prisoners ceased from the old world. Indeed, Tasmania nevertheless longer than all accepted the English criminals.

In 1853 here the last ship came with convicts. But even when delivery of new criminals ceased, an ominous colony did not have left off to work: old prisoners continued to depart punishment. Only at 1877 a settlement closes.

Someone remained forever on the island of dead, other either got amnesty or were translated on a free settlement in the different Australian cities. On Port-Arthur is brought down avalanche of hoodoos. A few horrific fires for the pair of months destroy greater part of colony. The saved building of complex were restored and converted into a museum.

Modern Port-Arthur is this place of pilgrimage of thousands of tourists. Some are interested in history of this earth, and many are charmed by rumors about ghosts allegedly wandering on prison corridors. Certainly, ruins look misterioso and frighteningly. Looking on them at twilight o'clock, it easily to believe that until now the aimless souls of criminals ramble here.


 Port Arthur. Regime corps of hard labour prison. Kind from a height.


Through the depressed howling of wind the sounds of somebody's steps are reported. Doors creak piercing, and in windows ghostly silhouettes flash and lights twinkle. Probably, these histories are told for the sake of bringing in of attention of tourists. Anyway, supernatural lovers aim here with enviable constancy. For extreme feeling lovers the special service is given is a night excursion on prison.

Persons interested to visit Port-Arthur can be stopped at one of local comfortable hotels.

Authorities of the Australian island Tasmania worked out unique tourist suggestion and named him a "prison turn". 11 hard labour prisons of Australia entered List of World heritage of UNESCO recently. Five from them are on Tasmania. In opinion of authorities, it can attract tourists on an island.

"When you ask people, that they know about Tasmania, only, what they remember - it our wild nature, - the head of tourist office of island talks - that some our objects entered the list of UNESCO, must urge on тасманийский tourism to development and will give an opportunity to acquaint guests with our heritage" to us.

The guests of island now will be able to pass the "path of convicts" and to trace history of nearly every prisoner due to the well saved records and documents. Hard labour zones on Tasmania are located close to each other, that allows to unite them all within the framework of one turn.

Port - Arthur located approximately in 60 kilometres from Hobart, already is one of the most popular tourist directions in a region. It is a complex from a 60 building entered in a picturesque landscape. Presented by British authorities as "unapproachable prison", Port-Arthur has a lot in common with American prison Alkatras, also popular among tourists. Hard labour prison is in Port - Arthur lasted 1877 to.


Port Arthur. Regime corps of hard labour prison.Kind from a bay. 

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Berlin prison "Moabit".
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Berlin prison " Moabit". Kind from above.


 "Moabit" is former Berlin prison, built in 1888. It is a complex from five четырехэтажных corps united in form a fan. Strongly suffered from bombardments 1945 year, in 1962 was repaired. Моабитская prison - one of most known in the world, is in the center of Berlin. From 2001 enters in the complement of district of Митте. In the past, differed in tortures and unbearable terms of maintenance of prisoners.

Presently, German " Moabit" is establishment of preliminary conclusion for the persons of sex of men, attaining 21 and older, in that install in decision of court.

His Russian analogue is detention facility, but only on destiny of these establishments. And methods and terms a few another, they are straight opposite. Regular capacity " of Моабита" - 1200 prisoners. Administration and auxiliary personnel are civilians. In " Moabit" under investigation fortnightly(and in separate necessary to the prisoner cases and thicket) give appointments. A judge or public prosecutor accord permission. Conversations during conversation with an advocate and correspondence with him are not subject to censorship.


Prison " Moabit", 1944 year. 


Correspondence of under investigation prisoners is subject to перлюстрации in decision of court or office of public prosecutor. It is settled all prisoners to look the television and listen the radio. Prisoners can in the known limits even to furnish and decorate the chamber(except for an electric and sanitary equipment). Under investigation " Moabit" can order to itself in the chamber of book and periodicals. Rules of internal order under investigation can give out on many languages, including on Russian.

In " Moabit" there are not chambers more than on three men. The size of such chambers makes about 30 square meters. But it, more often exception: in " Moabit" aim, that every prisoner had the chamber. There is wooden furniture in the chamber of маобитской prison. At pleasure, non-smokers are not placed together with smoking. Into prison there is a trainer hall. Berths in two tiers are considered violation of Constitution.

Known prisoners: Росские prisoners sat in her for years. In 1911- 1912 is a famous secret service agent, captain of the Russian General staff Mihael Kostevich, 1919 to the year - Rarl Radek is the Austrian national, visible figure of soviet and international communist motion. From 1933 in " Моабите" a few years there was Ernst Telman. In 1941 - 1945

- internee citizens of the USSR are diplomats, sent on an assignment specialists, soviet prisoners of war, accused of agitation among the prisoners of the German concentration camps; a poet Musa Jalil is a military correspondent, being taken prisoner in 1942 at the Volkhov front that in the walls of this prison was executed; Bulgarian communist George Димитров, convict яко after for the arson of building of Reichstag. In the years of alteration, after falling of the Berlin wall, in " Moabit" the former head of former German Democratic Republic Erich Honecker got for a short time.


Courtyard of prison " Moabit", 1945 year. 

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"Vologda five".
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"Vologda five". Kind from a lakeshore. 


Attendance centre "penal colony number 5"(old name ОЕ 256/5) the "Vologda five" ("Вологодский пятак") of Management of Federal service of execution of punishments of Russia on the Vologda area, is one of five colonies of particular treatment for the term of life convict. The normative filled makes 505 places, including the area of the general mode into 55 places. Located in the Vologda area, Belozersk district, island Fiery, settlement of Novoozero, postal district of Karl Libkneht; tel.(81756) 2-18-31.

Colony on an island Fiery in Belozersk district name "Vologda five" - on the number of establishment. Here the hero of film of Vasiliy Chukchin stepped on wooden duckruns on freedom "Каlina is red" Yegor Prokudin. Here depart punishment convict for especially severe crimes on life imprisonment. On the joint account of prisoners of this colony are hundreds of the ruined lives.

" Vologda five" takes place in selected monastery of Kirilo-Mefodiy on a lake New (island Fiery) near-by a city Belozersk, in Belozersk of district of the Vologda area.


"Vologda five". Деревяный bridge, binding a colony to the bank. 


A friary was in 37 versts from a city Белозерска on the island of the New lake. Founded in 1517 in reigning of grand duke Vasiliy III Иоанновича reverend Cyril White, monk of monastery. According to legend he saw above an island "Post of fire". A monastery in ancient time used benefactions of grand dukes and tsars Moscow, that quite often personally visited a monastery and rewarded his rich holding and patrimonies.

The relics of reverend Cyril are open in 1649 at digging of ditch for foundation of the built church and were fixed in silver позлащенной cancer in an arch between a cathedral and придельной in the name reverend Cyril churches. On Кобылиной in the Тихвинской church there was the icon of our Lady, brought by reverend Cyril, a mountain, to her cross motion was accomplished.

After October revolution 1917 year a monastery was converted into prison for the "enemies of revolution". In 1930th and 1940th here was a colony for the prisoners of state in the system of GULAG. In 1938 here Novoozersk took place penal labour colony number 14, after war penal labour colony number 6, transit camp number 17, that in fiftieth years was reorganized in the camp point of the strict mode.


"Vologda five". Control admission пунк on a територрию colony.


In 1956 in a penal labour colony number 17 the strict mode was set for men convict in the first time for gangsterism and murder. In 1994 first in the Vologda region and in Russia on her base a penal colony was created with the new type of criminal punishment is life imprisonment.

"Five" chose not by chance. To the powerful thick walls of monastery one road conducts only is a wooden bridge through a lake, on windows strong grates. To run it is practically impossible from here, about what confirmed time. First convict led in spring of 1994 the stage from Tambov. Them it was man 20. Today on the Fiery island contained 192 convict to life imprisonment, and also convict, that a death penalty in order of forgiveness is transferable life imprisonment.

In 1997 a monastery became prison exceptionally for prisoners leaving the lifelong measure of punishment. After introduction to 1996 in Russia of moratorium on execution of sentences to the death penalty these sentences began automatically to mean life prison imprisonment. 


Two-place regime chamber of the "Vologda five". Distribution of food for convict. 


Mode, the level of isolation and safety of colony can be named one of hard in the system places of imprisonment of Russia. Criminals are contained here in the terms envisaged for the colonies of particular treatment of chamber type with additional limitations and enhanceable requirements. Local prisoners:

- contained in chambers for two men;

- always wear clothes only specially standard pattern;

- during a walk, bath-house, visits of rest room et cetera any contacts between convict from different chambers are eliminated;

- all actions are executed only from permission and on the command of supervisor(junior inspector), any measure passes under surveillance no less what three employees(that mass measures with participation convict - sporting competitions, viewing of movies, school and professional educating - not conducted quite);

- short-term appointments are given only by duration a few hours, the protracted personal appointments are forbidden;

- in chambers the convict have no authority during a day not to lie down. Not even to sit down on a bed, at every conclusion from a chamber they are exposed to the careful search, chambers too search every day;

- on the measures related to the exit from a chamber, the convict are accompanied in handcuffs.


"Vologda five". Ordinary chamber for maintenance sentenced to life imprisonment.


In times of serving of lifelong punishment, on a village cemetery without crosses and tombstones of island Fiery the 28 sentenced to life imprisonment got over. From them, four managed independently to carry out the capital punishments. At all strictness of the mode, the convict has a chance to go away from life however. Besides psychical diseases the prisoners of Fiery suffer традиционым for the Russian criminal correctional system by tuberculosis. On the average in a prison infirmary there is 20-30 patients.

Does the sentenced to life imprisonment have a chance to go back into free society? In theory after departure 20-25 a life term can be replaced by a residence in the special establishments of social charity or in psychiatric clinics. In respect of return to normal life, doctors and psychologists are sure: on the bodily and psychical condition " a contingent" after 20 of term is forever lost for society. 


"Vologda five". Court for walks convict. 

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Hard labour is in Guiana.
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The first camps of the convicts taken out from France were open on islands Rescues( former isl. of Devil). Type of one of 3 islands - isl. Ruayal, in 15 kilometres from Kuru. 


Hard labour camps in French Guiana were closed in 1953, For 100-years-old history of tropical reference about seventy thousand persons were here taken across. How did ссыльные live? It was for them appearing in an isolation on islands, freedom of movements? Was freedom of idea possible in the frightful terms of tropical, often lifelong captivity? On questions of the Russian release of RFI a guide and historian of museum of о.Руаяль, Serge Kolin.

The islands of rescue can be compared to paradise on earth.... But at the beginning of the last century French журналист-правозащитник Альбер Лондр named these islands "By hell in to paradise". Three islands of volcanic origin in 15 kilometres from the beaches of Куру, were up to 1953 the mestome of reference of the French criminals, and also and prisoners of state. For 100-years-old history of French tropical hard labour ten of thousands of persons were here taken across. Only units were able to come home.

Today only one of three islands is an island Руаяль - open for tourists... Built by prisoners a church, house of chief of camp, settlement of overseers, punishment cell with narrow dark chambers and hospital, is entered today in the lists of historical monuments of France...


A prisoner is a captain Dreyfus. Archive of museum of isl. Ruayal.

Right opposite of moorage, at the foot of the mountain covered by the dense tropical forest, the copsy stood juicy green moss wooden booth. On moist glasses her distinctly white inscription "of Francetelecom" could be seen yet. A ferruginous telephone box, maybe, yet would connect this scrap of earth of south America with the civilized world... Hurrying along the edge of a forest, and then sharply upwards to the left uphill a road from the rough-pointed enormous cobbles conducted in the center of island Rual (ile Royale).

One of three islands Rescues (îles du Salut), French "Kolima" in tropics, where the unfairly convict in 1894 captain of the French army Dreyfus suffered four long years.

Malaria, heat, epidemics, hard labour labour, acute mockeries....On hard labour in Guiana from 70 thousands prisoners 50 thousands perished....

Today islands Rescues became a museum under open-skies. 30 thousand visitors in a year, for 100 every day, - proudly a guide and historian, worker of museum Serge Kolin. He conducted us on the historical display unfolded in the prestige house of island - house of chief of camp. 

History of French Guiana begins in 1604, at Henry IV. First prisoners appeared on the islands of rescue in 1852, at the beginning of rule of Napoleon III. Prisoners were taken across here since Napoleon decided to close three camps on territory of France in Europe - in Brest, Rochfore and Toulon. At the beginning of the Second empire in these three camps contained 5 thousand prisoners in general complication. Clear that arriving of thousands of prisoners on islands Rescues, at once the problem of overpopulation got up sharply. 

Kicking about prisoners to Guiana and New Caledonia, France pursued two aims: to clean French territory from hard labour and colonize new territories. On the transfer of prisoners to Guiana taken 10. In 8 months after arrival in Кайенну first ссыльных the second camp of "Иле-де-Кайенн"(l'îlet de Cayenne) was open - in the north of Кайенны, by an area in 50 hectares. In addition, frenchmen drove home from France in Кайенну two old ships. Made fast in port, ships grew into port floating prison.

Two for later years, in 1854, the third пенитенциарная base was open is the "Silver mountain"(Montagne d'Argent), on a small peninsula in the delta of the river Oiapok.


Islands Rescues (former islands of Devil). Map from the museum of Guiana hard labour on an island Ruayal.

In March the same, 1854, was passed an act, fastening frightful principle depriving prisoners hopes to come home. Every, convict on a term 8 less than was under an obligation to stop behind after liberation in Guiana on a term equal to the term of punishment. Sentenced to 8 remained in place for the term of life. Back into realities units went home. At majority, after the long years of hard labour, there were not facilities, to pay a move through Atlantic ocean.

Among the rare returning is the captain Alfred Dreyfus, groundlessly accused of espionage in behalf on the German empire, Serge Kolin: Here sent the most known prisoners - those with that it was difficult to manage on a continent. It is necessary to name among known, certainly, Dreyfus. To him the member of the opposition of Napoleon III was here exiled - De Lekluse. Dreyfus will conduct on the island of Devil (or the Devil island, In French - île du Diable) four with a half years. For in anything not guilty man it is a very long term. He will be freed only 1906 to the year.

Practically in 12 after conviction. Near Dreyfus, officer of general staff of France was persistently to fight, that he was justified.

Guiana reference was considered especially dangerous... 

From the end of 19 century - 20 began in anarchists operated in France. They killed the president of republic Plant Carnot. Whereupon in all camps - disciplinary punishment cells were entered in Guiana and New Caledonia. Most frightful there was Saint Joseph on an island on territory of Guiana. There 4 blocks stood for 30 punishment cells. These 120 chambers prisoners named "предбанником of death". There got for the attempt of escape. Because escape was one of frightful crimes. 

Islands Rescues are in 15 kilometres from South America, in difficult waters, with a dangerous flow. The most known case is escape of convict on the name De Rubio. He accomplished escape from here, from islands Rescues... But it is necessary to say that in the epoch of Napoleon III to accomplish escape it was simpler, than later, in the epoch of the Third republic. At this time watching prisoners became strictly. De Рюбио will succeed to swim to the north coast of south America, make way in the USA. There he will become the participant Battle of the Little Bighorn against American Indians.

So, the former French convict will become a veteran and hero of the USA...


Virgin Mary with a baby by Jesus. Wall fresco in a church on an island Ruayal prisoner Fransise Lagrange racemes.

To pull through, escaping from hard labour was succeeded only to units. They were necessary for this purpose - in the first - to deceive vigilance of overseers from a number hard labour... In the second is vigilance of guard. In the third - to avoid the attack of sharks and not perish at-sea. But, even attaining the coast of South America, a fugitive was not out of harm's way. Prisoners, that was able to steal or build a boat, take advantage of powerful wave in the mouth of the river Марони, had most chances on success. It was needed, that a stream led away a boat as possible farther in an ocean...

So that северо- east flow, that brings pond scum and sand of the river Amazons on the ocean beaches of Kuru, took away on sails a toy-ship to the coast of Venezuela. If fugitives did not succeed to go out far in a high sea, then a flow washed them ashore to British Guiana (today to Guyana) and Dutch Guiana (Suriname) with that were celled agreement about delivery of fugitives of France. It is difficult to say to how many dare-devils it was succeeded to pull through from the Guiana camps.

Chambers measuring in 4 square meters... With a grate above an only window highly above ceiling. Prisoners were exposed to the cruel moral and physical tests. In the punishment cell of them fed especially badly, forbade to speak, contained in darkness, produced on light only one in a day... Above them mocked... a grate instead of ceiling allowed to the guards put on shoes in a soft shoe, unnoticed to steal up, to outpour from above on a prisoner bucket with impurities...

It is possible to imagine the great number of other outrages that use in prisons and today... All was done, to break a man... This prison was named "devour of people". Life-span in the punishment cell of island Sent-Josefe did not exceed 1-2... Wherein every day people fought for a survival, where cruelty was a norm and system, the exhausted souls found a rescue from reality in madness or suicide...


House of chief of camp on an island Ruayal.

However about it there is no serious statistics, Серж underlines Knees: Here madness and suicides in medical documentation was not especially mentioned... Soldiery doctors in these cases wrote in a medical conclusion - the same reason of death is a cardiac attack.

Arriving to Guiana prisoners of делилили on 3 categories. It, firstly, there were prisoners convict on hard labour on a certain term or for the term of life. They came the first here. From 1885 to Guiana began to direct shallow, but incorrigible recidivists. Finally, here were and soldiery prisoners of state. To their number Dreyfus behaved and another military- Benjamin Julmo, naval officer. Julmo made an effort sell secret documents to the military attache of Germany in Paris.


Prison hospital on an island Ruayal.

The last not especially became interested by a secret, saying that he has such information already. Then an officer tried to contact with the ministry of Морфлота of Germany. Thereon him without effort and caught, as a boy.

Witnesses told that most dangerous for prisoners were their own companions in a misfortune, set to them for a supervision. If someone from such prisoners - overseers were suspected of inclination to behave humanely to the prisoners, then they were shackled and ordered to the most frightful works.

Серж Knees: Maybe, you saw during a visit, there are very much lithoidal structures on an island. Building material the stone of volcanic origin served as. The half of convicts worked on quarries. Guidance and guard of camp had other category on service. Supervisors were very well served. A museum is located in the house of commander by a camp. 5 persons - cook, gardener and other maid worked on him...

So, prisones worked in a quarry, engaged in till of gardens (by the way, in the epoch of hard labour of island were better well-groomed, what now!) ... At that time there were not refrigerators. Therefore a cattle was regularly delivered on islands on a sea... Here was a butchery... Every week, to feed from 600 - to 700 persons on an island brought for 5-6 heads of cattle. 


On an island Ruayal(from left to right): included in a disciplinary corps, photo convict, chamber measuring in 3-4 apt. meter, without windows.

Prisoners had a different degree of freedom. Some were more free - due to their profession. For example, artist Lagrange, designing the church of island Руаяль, could walk practically, where will take in head him. And the islands celled in punishment cells Сен-Жозеф suffered in narrow lithoidal sacks... All is relative... Thus prisoners were divided by three categories. Most subzero - third. Just arriving was included in her. For good discipline and work it was possible to toady to the first category ...

That could temporally release prisoners from participating in the heaviest works.

Differing appointed the helpers of overseer - in a quarry, to the butchery and in a smithy, where work boiled constantly. In fact all grates for prisons were forged in place. A demotion of accomplices of supervisor was cruel. He was shackled, in one copula with those, who he gave orders to and above whom mocked...

Attempts of revolt and agitations were on the islands of "French GULAG" not rarely... One of most sanguinary happened on an island Sent-Josefe that it was then begun to name the "island of Silense" - because in prison punishment cells it was forbidden prisoners even to speak...

A large revolt happened on an island Sent-Josefe in 1894. Actually, for this reason the center of an increase mode was created on this island. About hundred prisoners participated in him, mainly - political, anarchists. About 12 from them will kill. Many are injured. Two overseers perished from heavy wounds. Them it will be begun to consider lost at an official duty performance...


Picture of artist of prisoner Fransis Lagrange. Executing in a camp in Guiana.

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